How To Sync Your Advertising Campaigns and Drive Sales

Have you been struggling to expand your brand’s reach? Perhaps you’ve noticed a decrease in the amount of new customers your company is helping. At some point in their life, almost all companies struggle to promote their brand enough to support growth. With the internet becoming such a large aspect in an effective marketing strategy, it’s only natural to wonder how you can use this new trend to your advantage. Even if your company isn’t using internet advertising yet (you should!), promoting your company well requires consistency and attention to detail. In today’s post, we’ll discuss how you can improve your brand image by syncing your independent advertising strategies, and building them into one comprehensive process. Tip 1: Be Consistent The number one rule about creating a brand image is building something that is consistent through all your sales and marketing channels. When building your brand, be sure to use the same colors on your marketing and sales material. Be sure to include your company motto on signage when applicable, and try to find a specific “tone” to use in all of your content. Tip 2: Promote Yourself with Multiple Avenues The days where a business could truly grow using only outbound marketing tactics are generally gone. Today, many companies use their web presence to advertise themselves, but lose a large physical presence in the process. This is a problem for two reasons: 1) Your location is an asset that you should use: Don’t underestimate the marketing power your place of business can have when it comes to promoting sales. Retail stores and restaurants in particular can benefit from playing up their location, specials, and products with all types of signs. 2) Your location can be used to promote influence purchases: Did you know that the average household spends 20% of their income on impulse purchases? By adding signage to your storefront, you can capitalize on this type of shopping mood without spending money to promote yourself on a regular basis. For these two reasons, companies shouldn’t neglect the appearance or marketing power of their storefront. Utilize outdoor sections to gain the interest of passing shoppers, and interior signage to guide them through your store, or highlight popular items. Then, share the pictures of how amazing your store looks on your social media page to share with your community! Tip 3: Use Signage to Collect E-mail Addresses Are you launching a new online store, or interested in driving more sales through your company website? Surprisingly, signage can be a great way to get in-store customers interested and engaged in your internet marketing campaigns. By simply promoting your social media handle on a sign, or advertising a special savings for customers who leave their e-mail address at checkout, you can start to drive online sales through your brick-and-mortar storefront. With the right physical and online marketing strategy, you can create a system that drives customer engagement both from your website and your storefront. How will you use signage to improve your digital marketing campaigns? Let us know in the comments below!