How to Replace Tower Bulbs in a Car Top Sign

If you’ve noticed the lights in your car top sign are beginning to flicker or dim, it may be time to consider investing in replacement bulbs. To eliminate any confusion from the removal and installation processes, we’ve designed this handy blog post to guide you. Keep reading for a step-by-step guide though replacing car top sign tower bulbs.

Have Supplies on Hand
The first step to a flawless bulb replacement is by starting off with the right tools on hand. For this simple procedure, the only things needed will be LED tower bulbs (for sign-specific bulb quantities, click here) and a Phillips head screwdriver. Because Phillips screwdrivers can come in a variety of sizes, refer to the light panel cover for screw sizing before purchasing a new screwdriver. Our screws work with both flat head and phillips scewdrivers and if you don’t have either, a dime will work

Remove the Cover Plate
The bulb cover plate is the piece of rectangular aluminum metal located on the bottom side of your car top sign. Remove the bulbs cover plate with your Phillips head screwdriver, and rotate the screws counter clockwise. This will cause the cover plate (also known as the light panel) to come lose from the sign, allowing you access to the electrical interior. Be careful when removing the light plate from the sign. The light system is connected on the inside to what we call the pig tail. It is a short wire assembly that is affixed to the outside of the sign. Make sure to disconnect this when pulling the light system out of the sign.

Remove Faulty Bulbs
Now that you are have the light plate out of the sign. inside the sign, it should be easy to access the faulty bulbs within. To remove these expired bulbs, start by placing your hand at the top of the first bulb, and pushing down. Using mild force, turn the bulb counter-clockwise and lift up. Now, the bulb should slip out effortlessly. If your sign has only one tower bulb, proceed to the next step. If your sign has multiple bulbs, remove each bulb using the same procedure. Keep the old bulbs separate from the new ones to avoid any confusion.

Installing the New Bulbs
Once the faulty bulbs have been removed from the light panel, it is time to install the new LED tower bulbs. With bulb in hand, align the bayonet base of the bulb with the grooves located on the base of the light panel. Once the bulb is lined up correctly, push down gently and begin turning the bulb clockwise. Once you have felt a small click, you may stop turning. Now, you can continue installing any additional bulbs.

Replace the Light Panel
Once the bulbs have been securely installed, it is time to replace the light panel cover. Plug the light system back into the pig tail wire assembly. Then Line the cover plate up with the screw holes on the sign itself. Using your screwdriver, replace any screws that were removed and tighten by turning the screwdriver clockwise. Make sure each screw is hand tight, and do not over tighten. Once each screw has been replaced, you are ready to place your sign back on your company vehicle!

Replacing tower bulbs 

Replacing tower bulbs on a car top sign does not have to be a difficult or time consuming process. If the instructions are followed closely, the entire process can take a 15 minutes or less half an hour or less. If you find your team needs visual assistance, consider using this helpful graphic while you work.