How to Install and Use a Sign Lock

As a business owner, it’s only natural to want to protect your sign investment from threats such as loss or vandalism. Car sign locks are extremely useful for a number of reasons, including protection against en-route shifting or theft. The sign lock offered by HTH Inc. is designed for an easy installation process using minimal tools and hardware. To learn how to install and use a sign lock for your company vehicle, use the instructions in this blog with this helpful graphic.

Collect your Supplies

The first step to installing the sign lock will be ensuring you have all the supplies needed to complete the job. Although the sign lock kit includes the washer, star washer, cotter pin, and sign lock itself, you will still need a Phillips head screwdriver drill with a ¼” drill bit.

Begin the Installation Process

To begin the installation process, unscrew the light panel with your Phillips head screwdriver and rotate the screw counter clockwise. Next, drill a ¼” hole on the side of the sign that harbors the corn connection. This should be drilled in the bottom left-hand corner of the sign, roughly ½” from the bottom of the sign. Once this hole is drilled, you will be able to screw the lock cable into the sign itself. Use your other hand to screw the washer, star washer, and cotter pin onto the cable from the inside of the sign.

Secure the Hardware

Now, the black sign lock should be on the outside of the sign, and the washer, star washier, and cotter pin on the inside. Be sure that these washers and the wingnut are installed in the correct order. Once you’ve double checked the order of your hardware, it’s time to secure the light panel back into the sign. To do so, rotate the screws in the light panel clockwise. Once completed, ensure the sign lock is tight and secured to the sign.

Enjoy your Use

Now that you’ve successfully installed the sign lock for your car sign, it’s time to place it on your vehicle and enjoy using it! Begin by placing the sign in the desired position on the roof of your car. Allow the sign lock cable to hang from the sign and into the vehicle; it should sit between the car’s frame and the door itself, and not hand through or out the car window. Once the cable has been placed correctly, it’s time to close the car door and secure the cable in place. The cable will not damage your car or car door is it has been placed correctly.

Using your car sign lock should be an easy, stress-free process. If you have any issues during the installation process, refer back to this helpful graphic or contact our team at 1-800-321-1850.