How can Internet Marketing Benefit your Sign Campaign?

Businesses across the world have jumped on their opportunity to market globally with internet and social media marketing tools. While some businesses receive stellar results, others may have a more difficult time converting their online leads into sales. Unlike internet marketing, advertising your goods and services physically, either at or near your storefront, promotes purchases and customer interaction simply due to accessibility. Businesses aiming to spice up their holiday sales should consider the benefits of combining internet marketing with holiday signage to optimize revenue for the holiday season.

Use Social Media to Draw Attention
Is your retail store located in a popular strip mall or shopping center? Using social media to broadcast your store’s presence is a great way to make holiday shoppers aware of your location. Once they know you and your deals are there, use holiday signage such as seasonally decorated vinyl banners, sidewalk signs, and window graphics to draw them into your store and browse through hour special products.

Listening Online
One benefit of using internet marketing to supplement your sign campaigns is the fact that online marketing delivers a wealth of information about their customers and the products they are most interested in. Rather than using your social media campaigns to beg customers into purchasing your goods, consider listening to their wishes and suggestions. Once you have a general idea of the products and themes they are most interested, adjust your store signage to accent those areas. Then, broadcast it to the masses on your various brand platforms.

Gather Info and Build Return Clients
If your business manages a customer mailing list, this is a great time to circulate coupons and exclusive sales through this platform. Consider running a holiday email campaign that captures the focal point of your in store signage; this will not only draw attention to your store for the holidays, but make your featured products that-much more attractive to customers. For customers who have not joined your mailing list, consider adding a digital banner to your site that mimics your physical in store vinyl banners, mesh banners, or window graphics to achieve a consistent advertising campaign.

Circulate Digital Coupons for In-Store Use Only
Customers are more tempted to spend money on products when they are already physically in front of them. One great way to combine your online and in store marketing campaigns is by offering coupons for select products, which are only valid for in store purchases. Once your online coupon has been generated, add signage to hour store that directs passing customers to join your mailing list for this coupon. Once placed into effect, the campaign will effectively guide online customers to your store and in-store customers to your site.

Making sales this holiday season doesn’t have to be difficult, expensive, or stressful with these unique marketing campaigns. If you find your storefront needs signage of any kind prior to launching your campaign, HTH Inc. offers a variety of affordable banner and signage options.