Four Popular Signs Finally Explained

Car Top Signs: Car signs are one of the most popular and affordable types of mobile signage on the market today. Because they are easy to install, require very little maintenance, and are able to work during both day and night hours, they have become the go-to advertising medium for companies who spend the majority of their time making deliveries or servicing customer’s homes. To browse different car top sign designs and pricing, click here.
Vinyl Banners: Since their accidental creation in 1937, vinyl banners have grown to become one of the most preferred types of hanging signs. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, vinyl banners are often hung in high-traffic areas such as building entrances to advertise large sales or grand openings. Hanging vinyl banners are also extremely affordable, and can often be purchased for under $200 per sign. If your company is ready to invest in hanging vinyl banners, take a look at the six different vinyl banner sizes available from HTH. Inc.
Mesh Banners: Similar to vinyl banners, mesh banners are long, breathable banners that allow businesses to display their sales and specials outdoors without worrying about wind or harsh weather conditions ripping the fabric. Unlike vinyl signage, the small holes scattered throughout the fabric allow mesh banners to stay straight and tight during windy conditions, without compromising the sign’s visibility.
Window Graphics: For retail stores and restaurants, enhancing your client’s visual experience can actually increase sales. Using window graphics on the exterior glass of your store allows you to fill otherwise wasted space with bright, engaging images. Because window graphics are affordable and simple to install, a number of retail and restaurant businesses have made them an outdoor advertising staple. To see a full selection of the window graphics carried by HTH Inc., click here.
Each of these print advertising mediums have grown in popularity for their affordability, ease of use, and minimal maintenance costs. Perfect for small to large businesses, each of the signs we discussed can be quickly incorporated into a marketing campaign of any complexity. Start your investment in signage by first determining your budget, target demographic, and desired advertising location. Once you’ve made a decision on those three things, it’s time to design the face of your sign. Be sure to use custom content, your company logo, and additional graphics on the sign face to engage your future clients and boost sales.