Four Must-Know Links Between Branding and Signage

One of the key reasons sign varieties are so effective for driving business traffic is the fact that they are an integral component brand development and recognition. As we already know, a brand is considered the front man of a company’s professional identity; it includes the business name, logo, color scheme, and tagline. The “brand image” is what customers and vendors see when working with that business; subsequently, it is also the guideline for determining the professionalism and credibility of the brand’s products and services. For more information about how signage ties into successful brand development, take a look at the information below.

Professional Company Image
It goes without saying that only serious professionals invest in signage for advertising or brand development. As such, any business that has implemented a well-designed, well-planned signage campaign is communicating their success and dedication to potential clients, vendors, and employees alike. Keep in mind that sign professional sign design and manufacturing are both essential for promoting a professional company image. It goes without saying that a business with professionally produced sign campaigns are more reputable than others cutting corners with poorly made DIY signs.

Circulates Company Logos
Brand recognition is one of the most critical components to successful marketing, however statistics show that over 50% of businesses still struggle with this aspect of their marketing strategies. Although it is a challenge, many businesses tackle this problem by placing their company logo in as many locations and mediums as possible, including television ads, online marketing, and billboards. While these tactics may work for businesses with an international client base, local business may have a higher success rate using concentrated local advertising efforts. Because signage is perfectly suited for local, low-budget advertising, it is a great way for businesses with a limited marketing budget to start circulating their company logo and contact information.

Capitalizes on Impulse Buying
Did you know that 90% of consumers can say they purchase things on impulse as frequently, if not more, than things they plan to purchase? This means that having active advertising mediums using vehicles, sidewalk signs, and window decals can capitalize on the huge amount of impulse shopping done on a daily basis. Consider using sidewalk signs to draw attention from passing foot or parking lot traffic; window vinyl and car top signs should be used for advertising to street traffic in front of your storefront or out on the road.

Residual Marketing
Despite how large of a concentration you have for your target demographic, the fact of the matter is a few of the eyes that glance over your sign that may not have a need for your services at that point in time. However, an effective sign campaign may leave a lasting impression in the minds of those exposed to it; if this does occur, it can potentially bring future traffic as a result. Keep in mind that brand recognition is a major factor in creating a memorable sign campaign, and building a quality brand logo for your sign’s graphics is a top priority.