Five Different Car Sign Styles

As you probably already guessed, car top signs are excellent ways for delivery businesses, cab drivers, and driving schools to advertise their brand. However, car signs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, which can make it difficult for even experienced entrepreneurs to decide which size sign is right for their business. Take a look at these four unique car sign styles carried by HTH Inc. for more information about the different types of car top signs.

The Mini Quad
The Mini Quad car sign is a petite rectangular vehicle sign made to sit directly on the top of any vehicle, large or small. This particular sign features two differently sized panels; one large and one small. The smaller of the two panel sizes is listed at 7.75”W and 5.25” H, while the large panels are sized at approximately 16.5” W and 6.38” H. Perfectly versatile, this vehicle top sign can be used for any business model.

The Quad
The Quad car top sign is a larger version of the Mini Quad. Perfect for large and small vehicles this vehicle top sign is considered a rectangular shape, with panels sized in two different dimensions. The larger of the panel sizes is listed at 23.4” W and 10.25: H. The smaller of the panel sizes is listed at 9.75” W and 8.25” H.

The Stacker
The Stacker vehicle top sign is a tall square sign that easily mounts to any type of vehicle. At 16.22” L X 22” W X 10” H, its perfect symmetry makes it easy to design a decal that fits appropriately. Just as versatile as the Mini Quad, the Stacker car sign can be used for every type of business model.

The Auto Advertiser
True to its name, the Auto Advertiser sign is another great choice for any business type. Because its sides are all equal, decals and business information receives the utmost attention as they drive through town. The dimensions for this car sign are listed at 14.353” L X 18.66 “ W X 8.329 H. The unbiased shape of this sign means it can be used by any business model during night or day.

The Pizza Slice
Pizza deliver businesses have arguably been the heaviest driving force behind car top signs success. Pizza shops across the country will be pleased to see that this vehicle sign is shaped into a pizza. Perfect for food shops that need to add a little extra flair to their car top sign advertising. The sign features two large panels measuring out to 24.654” W X 11.336” H, a back panel measuring out to 9.667” W X 10.508” H, and a front panel at 10.75” W X 21.262” H.

When selecting a car top sign, consider the amount of information you will be fitting onto the decal sticker. Companies that are only in need of a car sign to advertise a brand logo and phone number should consider using a smaller sign such as the mini quad; on the other hand, businesses that require more room for logos, phone numbers, business name, and other pertinent information should consider a sign with more panel space. Remember, decal art can be uploaded or built from scratch using our sign builder.