Expanding your Advertising Reach with Car Signs

One of the fundamental parts of running a business is learning how to expand your advertising reach. Thankfully, there are hundreds of ways marketing experts can build their brand reputation affordably. Today, we’ll talk about how car top signs can be used to expand your advertising reach – even when you’re marketing to a large demographic.

What are Car Top Signs?

Car top signs are essentially mini illuminated billboards that sit on the top of a company car or taxi cab.

Why are they Popular?

Car top signs are extremely popular for one fundamental reason: they turn an existing piece of company property (the vehicle) and turn it into a mobile advertising medium. The result of this wonderful advantage is the increased exposure you’ll receive as a result of this smart, low-maintenance decision. Car top signs are popular because they enable companies to advertise while making deliveries or running other business errands. Example: A small sandwich shop has employees in company vehicles with car top signs. Near the company vehicle, a parent is sitting in traffic trying to decide what to make for dinner when they get home to the screaming kids – suddenly, they see your car top sign and decide to place an order instead of going to the trouble of cooking. This example may be fictional, but situations like these really happen daily for companies who take the time to invest in a car top sign.

The Power of Impulse Purchases

Impulse decisions like the one described above can be tapped into to increase your sales. It’s not just the parent waiting in traffic; it’s the single guy at home trying to decide what to do about dinner. Or the college student who doesn’t have enough cookware to make a meal at home. Over time, the compounded effect of advertising to the general public via a company vehicle can pay off enormously.

Before Making the Investment

Before you dive into the decision to invest in a car top sign, take the time to ask yourself the following questions:
  • What vehicles will we place the sign on? Our employees, or our own?
  • How will you handle the cost of normal wear and tear, along with possible vandalism?
  • What will the company policy for using/removing the signage?
  • What will the cost of maintaining the actual vehicles be?
  • Which employees will be responsible for driving the branded vehicle?
  Answering each of these questions in detail will help you get a better idea of which processes and procedures your business will follow regarding branded vehicles and unused signs. If theft or loss is a concern, consider keeping a log of which employee checked out the sign for which vehicle to help keep tabs on the material.   Because car top signs are affordable, easy to install, and require very little maintenance, they’ve become a popular advertising staple among food-delivery businesses and construction service companies alike. If you have any questions about designing your car top sign or ordering for a fleet in bulk, contact us today.