Does Signage for B2B Businesses Work?

Does Signage for B2B Businesses Really Work?

It’s a question every B2B business owner have asked themselves. After all, B2B companies often have less customer foot traffic and are rarely found in shopper-centric areas like malls and downtown strips. So, does signage for B2B companies really benefit  the business ? Yes - of course it will! Every Business Has a Basic Marketing Need. Signage isn’t just a way to advertise to passing foot and vehicle traffic, it’s also one of the first steps to successfully branding your business identity. The concept of business signs is centered around the need to create a recognizable company identity that your clients will be able to remember. Over time, the repeated recognition of your brand will build trust in your services or product. The bottom line is this: You want clients (both existing and future prospects) to easily recognize your business and identify your brand.

Why Signage Solves These Problems:

Signs have been used for decades. Their affordability, ease of installation, and long term use enables companies to broadcast their products and services without investing heavily in temporary advertisements like TV and radio broadcasts. In B2B sales, it’s likely clients will visit your office from time to time for pitches and status updates. Upon their arrival, your signage (or lack of it) is very likely to be the first impression business partners have of your establishment. Without a professional sign, would they be able to quickly find your location? Would they walk away with a sense that your business is established and trustworthy? Probably not.

Signage Supports “Modern Day” Marketing Efforts

The world is buzzing with information about internet marketing and digital sales, but let’s not forget that e-commerce only made up for roughly 8% of all U.S. sales in the beginning of 2016. This means creating a powerful physical presence is essential to successful internet marketing. Thankfully, signs can be optimized to promote an online sales presence – take a look at these tips below: • Provide clients with the URL to your Facebook page, Twitter account, or your very own website. Encourage engagement and mobile check-ins. • Add a QR code that clients can scan into their smart phone. This will, in turn, lead them to a relevant product, service, or discount code easily. • When you have a special promotion, use signage to promote products and services physically. Then, schedule social media posts about the special to gain online visibility as well. Just because B2B businesses don’t rely on foot and vehicle traffic for most of their sales doesn’t mean that signage isn’t a valuable marketing tool. In fact, the professional appearance and established tone a sign brings to a B2B business will show clients you company is here for the long term. Establishing a long-term business presence will make customers feel more comfortable doing business with you. If you think the time is right for a business sign, take a look at the different signage options we offer now.