Custom Car Toppers Versus Out of the Box Options

You’ve seen car toppers before, usually atop food delivery vehicles. These advertising signs let people see your business when you’re driving along, but how do you make your sign stand out from other businesses? You need to have effective branding to get people to notice you. With a memorable sign, your advertising will be more effective than ever. That said, custom molded car toppers aren't always the most cost efficient, or effective options.

Custom Car Toppers Versus Out of the Box Options

The question with a car topper is whether you really need a custom molded version. You might think you need one to stand out. However, premade car toppers have a lot of thought put into their design. That's why they come out of the box: they're already proven to work. With a custom molded car topper, you have to be really sure about your design and impact. If it's not exactly right, you're out of both time and money for the choice.


Any form of advertising gives your viewers an impression of your business, and helps them to create a specific image of your company. You want people to see your sign and think about your business. However, you don't necessarily have to shell out the big bucks to do it. Plenty of out of the box car toppers have style and design options that fit with any brand, no matter what industry you're in, or what demographics are in your audience. Custom molded car toppers will definitely cost more and they serve a similar purpose of an out of the box option.

Waiting Time

A custom molded car topper is made just for your company. Because of this, the waiting time is certainly a lot longer. It’s also not possible to build up stock in anticipation of your needs since it’s customized. This all means that when you need a car topper, you’ll have to wait since there’s not a ready made one for you.

Consistency Issues and Usability

Having the chance to customize your molded car topper isn’t always the best thing. Customization in molding can mean that something hasn’t been tried and proven. Taking the chance to customize too many components could also lead to consistency issues and affect usability and effectiveness, since it will be a one of a kind custom solution. In some situations, it’s definitely better to just stick to what is tried and proven - something that is out of the box and ready to go. In this sense, there is the possibility of not getting it right when you navigate away from the mainstream and start going with custom molded designs.


A car topper can do a lot for your business in terms of branding, marketing and bringing more sales. However, a custom molded car topper doesn’t always outpace an out of the box solution. Opt for efficiency and proven designs to get your business off the ground. Choose your car topper, set it atop your car, and get driving!