Creative Solutions to Advertising Issues

Businesses of all shapes and sizes go through constant changes in size, the services they offer, and the ways that they attract customers. If a business plans to thrive they have to keep up with those changes which often mean changing up their advertising.


Advertising has to match up with new campaigns to ensure it will catch the eye of their new target customer base. Retargeting advertising is usually difficult, demanding a huge amount of time and effort to get things just right. A good portion of that effort involves changing advertising pieces like signage. This can be difficult for businesses to do. When buying all new advertising pieces isn't an option its best to come up with a creative solution. Working with the pieces already on hand find ways to reuse them instead of sending them to the dust bin. Coming up with a creative way to reuse a sidewalk sign or window graphics can feel as daunting as buying all new pieces.


What owners and advertisers need to remember through the whole process is to keep an open mind. That way they don't pass up on an advertising solution that might work. Window graphics are a great example of this, businesses can create a collection of dozens of window graphics. Switching them out for different occasions or when they move on from a special promotion. Those old graphics might have been put into storage to be forgotten. Keeping an open mind during a rebranding process, business owners might realize those old graphics good be put to use again.


Window graphics with just images on them, such as a store symbol, can be mixed in with newer graphics. This can help save money and time by limiting the number of graphics you'll need. Graphics that are about to be switched out can still be useful as decorative pieces. Naturally not every piece of advertising is going to be that easy to repurpose though. Sidewalk signs for example are difficult to turn into something completely new when they have custom graphics on them. However, business owners can find ways to avoid having to invest a brand new piece of signage. A fair number of sidewalk signs on the market today, such as the HTH deluxe sidewalk signs, have the added benefit of a "quick-change" feature.


Allowing owners to simply pop out the signs already inside so that they can be replaced with something new, for example HTH offers chalkboard inserts. Chalkboard inserts give businesses a huge amount of control over their advertising letting them easily change it as they need to. A similar solution can be used for car signs whose current decal no longer fits; it's much simpler to invest in a replacement decals than all new signs. There are so many creative options open to owners and advertisers that we could never list them all. All they need to do to take advantage of all those different options is to have an open mind and consider how investing in them can pay off.