Creating the Right Design for Your Car Sign

Car signs are often the advertising cornerstone of service companies; whether they do pizza delivery or equipment supply a car sign is important to keep business thriving. They are a multi-purpose piece of advertising; alerting customers your driver has arrived and grabbing the attention of new potential customers who see it. Because of how important they are to keeping your business growing it's important to design a car sign that will get people's attention. The effort put into designing advertising often reflects the quality of service a company provides in customers minds.

If it looks like your car sign was put together in only a few minutes odds are anyone who sees it will never give your company a second thought. Designing an attractive sign is never easy, a design that worked for one company in a certain field likely won't work for another. Just like any other piece of advertising it has to be unique and represent the qualities of your company that will draw in customers. That's why the first step in designing an effective car sign is to consider who your businesses target customer base is.

It's also important to consider the tone of the message that your sign will be sending out to the world.

Figuring that out will largely require you to only stop and consider the services your company offers its customers which is a much less daunting task to consider. After nailing down the target customer base, tone, color and font of your sign is the next step in its design. Here you will once again want to think about the services your company offers but also the colors and fonts you use in other advertising pieces. Trying to be unique with each piece of advertising you design sounds great at first but will ultimately confuse customers. Car signs need to have a consistent design with other pieces you've created for your business.

That means using consistent colors and fonts that can be read by people quickly.

They often won't have time to stop and decipher a highly detailed font with a neon background. When designing your car company's car sign stop to look at it from an outside perspective, if you were a person on the street and saw that sign on top of a car could you read it quickly? If the answer is no then it's probably best that you go back to the drawing board. All of that isn't to say that you can't make a flashy or fun design, in fact, making a car sign a little flashy might be perfect for your business. In the end it all comes down to what will capture the attention of potential customers while still being quick and easy for them to read. Consistency is part of that key but there is a bit of leverage with the colors and fonts that you use. So long as customers are still able to recognize advertising that belongs to your business you've struck a winning design.