Car Top Signs vs. Car Wraps: Pros & Cons

You’ve decided that you’re ready to take the plunge and get branded vehicles for your business.

Now that you’ve seen the benefit of having a company vehicle, it’s time to pick which kind of signage is best. Today, many businesses decide between car top signs and vinyl decal wraps. But the decision doesn’t come without asking a few questions, first:
  • What are the pros and cons for each of them?
  • Which is the type of sign that is going to bring you the maximum bag for your buck?
  • Which is the type of sign that is going to fit with your current branding scheme, and with your brand identity that you’ve already set up in the local community?
To help you make a decision, we’ve compared the pros and cons of car top signs and vinyl decals for you.

Car Top Signs

They are a moving lighted billboard. According to studies, each can bring in three to ten more sales a night as impulse orders when a driver has recently been in a neighborhood, which also lets the consumer know that you deliver and your phone number will be on the sign allowing them to call in an order. They can also speed up the delivery by helping customers know when the driver has arrived, and also help them if they get lost in the neighborhood. Finally, having a car top sign simply helps bring peace of mind to homeowners; cars driving slowly through a residential neighborhood area often a cause for concern, and having a car sign on each employee’s car helps to reduce the anxiety with unknown cars parking outside a home.

Car Wrap Signs

These are another moving billboard, and (like car top signs) the exposure depends on how much the vehicle is driven and its parking location that would bring maximum exposure. Because vinyl wraps take up a lot of space on your vehicle, it’s important to note that the design you use will need to be eye catching and memorable. Vinyl decal wraps are a big investment and can be expected to last a long time, however it’s important to note that they cannot be seen well during night-hours. For this reason, they’re not as popular with food delivery companies. Which of these signs is the one that will bring your business the results you’re looking for? Which is the type of signage that is ultimately the right fit for the personality of your brand? We may have done the research for you, but these two remaining questions are the ones only you and your team can answer. Try to decide whether your drivers will be most active during day or night hours, and whether or not you will be providing a company vehicle for use, or if employees will be using their own personal vehicles to make deliveries. If you are using multiple vehicles, a car top sign is likely the most affordable choice.