Car Signs VS Vinyl Vehicle Wraps: Which is a Better Marketing Method?

As service and delivery business models continue to rise in popularity, the need to market services in multiple locations has subsequently increased. Businesses that rely heavily on their employees to drive from one location to another often find that their company vehicles make perfect advertising mediums. Once the decision is made to transform a company vehicle into a mobile advertising campaign, the only question remaining is what kind of marketing material to use.

Recently, vinyl vehicle wraps have become popular among small and large businesses alike. In this blog, we’ll look at the benefit of both car top signs and vehicle wraps to help businesses determine which advertising medium is right for them.

Advertising with Car Top Signs

Car top signs are one of the most popular advertising methods used by businesses of all types. Because they are durable, highly visible, and extremely cost effective, car signs are considered one of the most effective and easy to use marketing mediums. Vehicle top signs are also able to be used at night when paired with light systems; as such, they remain the advertising medium of choice for pizza shops and taxi drivers. Unlike other marketing material, it is extremely cost effective to update the message, contact information, and design of car signs. Because car signs are sold separately from the decal placed on them, switching your marketing message is as simple as designing your new sticker.

Advertising with Vehicle Wraps

Vinyl vehicle wraps have recently made a splash in the mobile advertising industry. They are often rather large, and can take up the entirely of a vehicle’s side, tailgate, or window space. Although their large appearance gives off a dramatic effect, vinyl vehicle wraps are only able to be seen clearly during daylight hours, and are extremely expensive to install or alter. Regardless, vinyl vehicle wraps may be a great choice for businesses that operate during daylight hours only. Because vinyl wraps are non-transferable, they are best suited for companies that only plan to advertise with a single company vehicle as opposed to an entire fleet.

Overall, car top signs are an excellent advertising medium for businesses that are interested in an economical and mobile advertising method. Furthermore, car signs are able to be used both during the day and night, and can be easily adjusted to accommodate changes in marketing efforts, contact information, and more. Lastly, they are easily transferred from one vehicle to another, making them the perfect solution for businesses with a large number of employees. While vinyl vehicle wraps are a dynamic method of advertising throughout a local region, they are generally more expensive than car signs. For all these reasons and more, a majority of service, food delivery, and private transportation companies prefer car top signs to vehicle wraps.