Car Door Magnets: How to Use Them and Why

A large number of companies across the world now use car door magnets for promoting their business. When done correctly, these small advertising mediums have the ability to provide you with more hits on your website, an increase in customer inquiries, and more opportunities to increase your revenue. Unlike newspaper ads and banners, however, company drivers only have a couple of seconds to attract the attention of their potential customers and convince them to take action.

In today’s blog post, we’ll take a look at ways you can effectively use car door magnets to promote your business.

Using Car Door Magnets
The most important thing about using car door magnets as an advertising medium is to understand how much your company has budgeted for promotions. Consider how many vehicles you will need magnets for, and how many magnets per vehicle you would prefer. Once you have done the math for your advertising costs, you will be better able to place your order and track your return on investment.

Understanding your product and trying to find your target audience is the next step to take after calculating a budget. If your product is geared towards school-age kids, consider using extra bright colors and easy to understand images. Next, determine how you will place these magnets before children and their parents.

The Benefits of Car Door Magnets
A number of studies suggest that simpler messages with large, attractive images at high speeds do an exceptional job of conveying your company’s message. By using a simple message with easy to interpret images and engaging messages, companies will often find that their potential clients are able to get a better understanding of their product or service faster.

Vehicle magnets work as your traveling business card, and can make potentially thousands of impressions every week when placed on a highly active company vehicle. By using a car door magnet to advertise your company’s website and contact information throughout your local area, you will be able to reinforce your other marketing efforts. Consider placing your car’s magnet in visible areas of your car’s exterior, such as the doors and bumper. Another excellent way to maximize the number of impressions your car sign achieves is by driving through high traffic areas of town during business hours. Another notable benefit of company car magnets is the fact that they are a lot cheaper compared to other types of marketing venues. Even the smallest start-ups are able to advertise on personal vehicles as needed by using a car sign magnet during their company-related commutes.

If you have never tried car door magnets for promoting your business, there has never been a better time than the beginning of the new year. Start your vehicle magnet advertising campaign by working on a promotional strategy, creating a budget, and designing an image and phrase; once these initial steps are done, you’ll be able to order your company’s official magnets with ease.