Business Signs for Construction Contractors

If you’re a construction contractor, it can be a little harder than average to spread the word about your business name. B2B contractors in particular often spend their time in areas that don’t allow normal pedestrian traffic to enter, so how can you spread your company name effectively without adding to your sales team? Today, we’ll learn about three different signs that any start up or small business can invest in to grow their brand awareness. Business Signs: An Affordable Answer to Advertising Struggles Particularly for startups and small businesses, spending money on advertising can seem like a luxury. If your company is on a particularly tight budget, signs can be a long-term answer to your short term cash flow issues. While large signs like billboards can cost thousands of dollars per month, there are other more affordable advertising options that can help you broadcast your company effectively. Although internet marketing is growing in popularity, there is still nothing more powerful than a marketing campaign with a healthy mix of physical and digital advertising. With that said, let’s take a look at some of the different business signs you can use to advertise your construction business. - Vinyl Banners: Most construction contractors love using vinyl banners for advertising because they’re easy to hang, affordable to purchase, and require very little maintenance. Perfect for projects lasting a week or more, simply hang one of your banners on the job site’s chain-link fence or your own connex to promote your business on the job. Although you will only be promoting to other trades, you’d be amazed at how quickly word of mouth can travel between trades in the construction industry. - Car Door Magnets: If your company has vehicles or trailers, why not use those assets as a marketing platform as well? By adding car magnets to your employee work vans, you can increase the visibility of your business name while they drive from one job to another. - Window Graphics: These signs are commonly seen in the widows of restaurants, but they can also be used to promote businesses in the construction industry as well. If your company owns its own connex, or has an office location that is visible from the road, investing in a window graphic can help you save money by advertising on property that you already own. There are hundreds of exciting ways you can use business signs to promote a construction business. Hanging vinyl banners can be used to advertise to street traffic and other trades, while car door magnets and window graphics are more suited to reaching the general public. Think about the type of customers your business needs to focus on, and choose a sign that can be placed in an area where that target demographic visits. If you have any questions about picking the right sign, or simply need more information, contact us today at 1- 800-321-1850.