Banner Ideas for Special Occasions

We all want our special occasions to be memorable.

No matter the event, creating awareness and decorating at the venue are both high on the priority list for those doing all the planning. When time and budgets are limited, banners can satisfy both of these issues. People around the world use vinyl banners to advertise events and special occasions, however they also choose to decorate their celebration venue with these durable signs when appropriate. Today, let’s take a look at the different banner ideas you can use to compliment any special occasion. Some Exciting Banner Ideas Include: Parties – Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, retirement, quinceanera, or welcome home celebration, parties are great ways to make someone feel loved. Banners generally come in vinyl and mesh materials. The variety of materials gives you the freedom to place them indoors or outdoors, including the entrance to your venue, in the party room itself, or outside near the street to guide traffic in. Mesh and vinyl banners can be printed in full color, making it easy to create one that matches the color scheme of your special day. Finally, having a banner at your party makes for a perfect photo opportunity, as it can double as a colorful, memorable backdrop. Weddings – Banners are a wonderful option for all types weddings because they come in light mesh that can withstand a variety of weather conditions, and glossy vinyl for indoor weddings. They can be used as directional items, allowing guests to find their way to and around the venue with ease. Place them near the entrance of the venue in an area that is easily visible from the road. If you have the address and arrows directing guests, this alone will eliminate a huge amount of stress for partygoers. They can be altered to fit the theme of almost any wedding, and they are inexpensive to customize. To have a little more fun with banners on your special day, leave a lot of room on a banner to have it signed as an alternative to a guest book. Other Events – Sporting events, school activities or schedules, bake sales, outdoor festivals, and many other seasonal events can be advertised easily with banners. Place vinyl banners around a baseball field fence will help promote the teams that are playing and advertise the sponsors of the game. Schools use vinyl banners often to make sure the community is aware of registration dates and events happening soon. Bright colors and big letters are a good idea, but make sure they are not too distracting or do not allow for enough spacing. Remember the audience, location, and amount of information you want to be displayed when designing a banner for these events. There are endless banner ideas you can use for your upcoming special event. To ensure you order the best size sign, take measurements of the different areas you plan to install your banner. If you need help brainstorming formatting and design issues along the way, our team of helpful staff is here to answer your questions. In the meantime, browse through our selection of mesh and vinyl banners to start planning your special day.