B2C Advertising with Signs

What are the Basics of B2C Advertising with Signs?

Business signs have been around since the beginning of commerce, and for good reason. Today, B2C advertising and sign-driven promotion go hand in hand. If you’re a new company, it’s only normal to wonder what the basics of B2C advertising with signs includes. Company signs are used for a lot of things, but particularly: • Display available products / services clearly • Display brand specific information like the company name and logo • Advertise discounted rates & upcoming events Signage improves the visibility of your business – as a result, it’s arguably one of the most beneficial marketing and advertising tools your company will invest in. But to successfully drive an ROI on your new signage, you need to know how to display it correctly. Location, location, location! You want customers to be able to find you as their driving down the road, highway, or walking down the street. Without a sign, they could walk right past you and not realize they’ve missed your shop. Instead, they might wander into a competitor’s store thanks to their clear, highly visible signage. Put simply: use your signage as the guidepost to attract customers to your business. Who are you and what do you do? One of the “must-do’s” of marketing and advertising is ensuring customers know who you are and what you do. At the root of their nature, signs provide clarity - they can display your business name, logo, and services quickly and easily in just a few words.

Shop Locally!

As a B2C business, it’s likely a majority of your customers are local. Although e-commerce is making it possible to find lower prices online, many people understand the importance of shopping locally, and want to support small businesses like you. Signage will help build brand awareness amidst your local community, and can be used strategically to get maximum brand exposure. Instead of just adding a sign to your place of business, consider sponsoring events like the next local 5K race, a local sports team, or a college film festival.

Customer Satisfaction

Happy customers are repeat customers, but unhappy customers don’t return – instead, studies show most tell nine to fifteen people about their poor experience. How’s that for negative advertising? Thankfully, signage can be used for more than generic B2C advertising – it can also be used to promote customer satisfaction (indirectly) by making your store easier to navigate. Consider highlighting high traffic areas of your shop with signs – clearance racks, new products, the checkout area, and fitting rooms are all great places to highlight with signage. Signs subtly provide customers with a look at your business identity. The font, colors, and message you choose will deliver a message to your customers about the personality and trustworthiness of your store. Choose the placement and design of your signs carefully, and the results you reap will surprise you. If you have any questions about how to create professional-looking signage, or aren’t sure what kind of sign is right for your business, contact our team for help at 1-800-321-1850.