Assembling and Installing Car Sign Magnets

Car sign magnets are a simple yet effective way to keep your car top sign firmly in place while making deliveries, transporting customers, and attending service calls. In today’s blog post, we will be describing the process of assembling and installing these car sign accessories. If at any point you have trouble understanding the directions, feel free to return to our magnet assembly and magnet installation reference graphics for visual help. Before starting, keep in mind each magnet should be completely assembled with the magnet cover intact before being attached to a car sign.

Assembling Car Sign Magnets
HTH Inc. car sign magnets are designed to be extremely easy to build. The first thing you will notice when beginning the assembly process is that everything needed to complete the process is included with purchase. Each magnet purchase will include the screws, magnet, rubber grommet, and magnet cover, with no additional hardware or tools required. To begin assembly, slide the included ¼-20 Phillips screw into the magnet’s single hole, so that the threads of the screw are visible from the top of the magnet. Finally, insert the rubber grommet over the screw threads, and secure tightly. Once the screw threads and rubber grommet are in place, it is time to install the magnet cover. Place the magnet cover over the bottom edge of the magnet itself so that the screw is visible from the cover’s center hole. Once this piece is secure, it is safe to move on to installation.

Installing Magnets to your Car Sign
Now that your car sign magnet has been successfully assembled, it’s time to install it onto your car sign. To begin, ensure you have your magnets on-hand, along with a standard Phillips head screwdriver. Of course, your car top sign will have to be removed from your vehicle to promote a safe magnet installation. On the bottom end of your sign, you will notice two stickers protecting the magnet cavities on either side of the car sign. Remove both of these stickers to reveal screw inserts hidden beneath. Once both stickers have been removed, line up the screw in one of your pre-assembled magnets with the screw insert on the sign itself. Once aligned, you will be able to use the Phillips head screwdriver to tighten the magnet into place. Keep in mind that the screw will turn clockwise to tighten, and counter clockwise to loosen. Tighten the magnet until it is entirely tight, and lays flat; once it has been successfully installed, proceed to the second magnet.

Car sign magnets are easy for anyone in your company to assemble and install. Their simple design and installation procedure means adding magnets to car signs takes very little time, energy, and company recourses. Again, if you or your staff experiences any issues during the assembly or installation procedures, please refer to the HTH Inc. magnet assembly and magnet installation assistance graphics.