Are You Hanging Confusing Business Signs?

Signs get the attention of potential customers and raise brand awareness.

We can all agree that outdoor signage is one of the most important outbound methods for advertising a business – some studies even suggest that signs can bring in up to 80% of new local customers. But what differentiates a “good” sign from a “bad” one? More often than not, customers choose to block out business signs because they are too confusing or vague to look into further. Here are a few ways you can prevent confusing business signs: 

Keep it simple.

Simplicity is the best policy when it comes signs. Think of confusing business signs as the enemy to all shoppers, and simple straightforward ones as their friends. The only thing exterior signs are used for (when designed to drive sales) is to get customers in the door. Needless to say, this is much easier said than done. If there are too many graphics, wacky fonts, or confusing terminology on your sign, it can quickly become difficult to read. Stay on track with your wording, and make sure your design is eye-catching for the right reasons.

Sizing is important.

Signs are almost like ultra-short newspaper articles. They all have “titles” (headlines), which holds the most important information and is designed in the largest text size. They both have “body” text (or subheadings), which is written in smaller font and provides a short description of what the customer can expect when they go inside. Finally, they both often have a conclusion, or a call to action, that entices passerby to come inside the store. Make sure everything is correct. Ensure all the information posted on your business sign is accurate. Customers will not appreciate being misinformed once they’re inside, and it can create a stressful situation for the employees who deal with the repercussions. If it is brought to your attention that something has been posted inaccurately, make the best effort to correct it immediately. Take down outdated signage, and make sure current sales are posted in easy view of customers.

Always include a call to action.

You’ve presented customers with all the necessary information about your business and what you have to offer, but have you implored them to act on that new knowledge? Phrases like “Join us” or “come look!” are just a couple examples of calls to action.

Make upkeep a priority.

Missing letters or smeared text can create an unfortunate situation for business owners. It may confuse customers and leave an unprofessional impression of the business. Make sure your signs are not worn out and do not have any tears. New phone numbers and addresses should always be updated as soon as they change. Confusing business signs can lead to a drop in sales and a bad brand reputation. If you’re not sure how to design the best sign for your company, contact our team today for suggestions.