An affordable alternative to car wraps

When you think of vehicle advertising, what pops into your head? Car wraps? They are quite popular at the moment and they're a great way to advertise, using every last inch of your car as a billboard; but is it really cost effective for you at the moment?

Car wraps cost hundreds upon hundreds, upwards to over a thousand dollars, they're not as practical when you're just starting out and want to keep spending costs low.

You want something that's easy, effective, affordable and practical. The answer is simple, HTH's car top signs

When you think of roof top signs you may think of it just being a "pizza delivery" sign, when in reality it's so much more. Yes, all the big pizza chains are using them, you can guarantee it's for working for them, be assured that it'll definitely work for you as well.

Let's go through some key points on this one form of vehicle advertising.

Affordable with car toppers starting at $135.00 it's a lot more cost effective than a car wrap. The decals on the sign are replaceable making changes to your signs simple.

It's effective to have a car top sign lit at night. Plug it in and you're going to see your car top sign coming a mile away. It really helps people to see your car at night. You would be amazed at the attention a lit sign brings

Easy to put on and remove; plug in the car topper and go­ simple as that.

If those points above don't scream practical I could point you in the direction of car door magnets, another form of vehicle advertising.

These are a lot more affordable. You place them on the side of the car door and you're done. You can do various sizes, or shapes keeping in mind that you do NOT want the magnet going over any molding on the car.

It's just another non-permanent way to advertise on your vehicle. It's also a great option to give out to customers if you decide to do a bumper sticker sized magnet. Customers won't feel like it will be stuck to their car forever, they could place it anywhere on their car to show support.

Remember when you're out and about in town, whether you're delivering food, or teaching students how to drive; you want people to remember your name­ you want to create a presence wherever you go. You want to be noticed.

If you already have your car wrapped the car top signs are a great way to add an additional eye catching feature of your moving advertisement. Sometimes more IS more when it comes to grabbing the attention of potential customers.