Affordable Advertising Products from HTH Inc.

The holidays are rapidly approaching, and the pressure to produce quality advertising material to draw in customers and achieve holiday sales has never been higher. At HTH Inc., we understand that businesses are often on a limited budget when it comes to gearing up for seasonal ad campaigns. With this in mind, our wide variety of products have been designed to offer businesses both large and small the tools they need for a successful holiday marketing campaign, without breaking the bank. In this post, we’ll take a look at four HTH Inc. products that are not only affordable but also customer friendly.
Regardless of the new internet marketing trend, nothing can quite out perform the effect large (or small) holiday banners have on the appearance of a retail store or wholesale warehouse. HTH Inc. carries both vinyl and mesh banners to accommodate any hanging location. Vinyl banners come in six different lengths, ranging from 2’ X 4’ to 3’ X 8,’ with 13 ounce stock, and are best suited for indoor locations. Mesh banners, on the other hand, are available in nine different sizes, ranging from 2’ X 3’ at the smallest, and 4’ X 20’ at the largest. All of our mesh banners are made with 8 ounce stock, and are best suited for outdoor locations. All of the HTH Inc. banners come with pre-fashioned ringlets to ensure hanging them goes as smoothly as possible.
Window Graphics
Window graphics are a great way for businesses to advertise their products, sales, and specials either inside or outside their store. Because window graphics are extremely cost effective and easy to install, they are a holiday favorite among retail shops across the country. HTH Inc. offers window graphics in four different sizes, allowing you to find the perfect shape and size for your location’s size. To view the different sizes we offer, click here.
Sidewalk signs
Sidewalk signs are another great way for businesses to capture the attention of passing foot or vehicle traffic. Because sidewalk signs are easy to put up and break down, they make a perfect outdoor advertising option for businesses in frequently travelled parts of town. The HTH Inc. sidewalk signs use an A-frame structural design, and are available in five different styles. The signs come in faces made of dry erase, chalkboard, and printed graphics; businesses interested in the printed signs will be pleased to know that custom graphics and pre-developed graphics are accommodated. Although all of our signs are double-sided, companies interested in signage that must be changed regularly thought the day (such as a restaurant interested in advertising their breakfast, lunch, and dinner special) should consider the adding an additional insert to their order.
Whatever your advertising goals may be, incorporating any of these three, affordable HTH Inc. signs into your marketing campaign is a sure way of grabbing the attention of passing shoppers.