5 Advertising Colors for Summer 2016

Advertising colors are a must for successful advertising campaigns. In fact, the advertising colors you choose for your signage can actually be more important than the words you choose to print on it. Because people register colors and design before they even begin to read an advertising message, using colors that are both relevant to your message and the current season is important. Today, we’ll take a peek at the best advertising colors for the summer of 2016. Buttercup Yellow: This color was hand-selected by Pantone for the spring of 2016, and we believe it will be a successful advertising color well into the summer season. Perfect for companies who are very season-specific (like retail clothing stores), this color will emphasize the tone of warm weather and sunshine. Cobalt Blue: This is currently one of the most popular colors among interior designers this summer season; thankfully, it’s calming effect can be used to advertise products and services in a low pressure manner. Unlike bold tones like red and orange, blue tones have the ability to create a calming environment that some color therapists believe have the ability to make people more peaceful and at rest. Pinks: Particularly in the cosmetics industry, pinks have always been a popular summer color. Coral tones are earning lots of attention, however the Pantone color-of-the-year (Rose Quartz #13-1520) is still expected to take the season by storm in designs across all industries. White: You probably didn’t see this one coming, did you? Although white is a rather plain color, it is still one of the most undervalued tones for summer advertising. Considered the color of perfection and goodness, it has a natural coolness that can attract people in the summer. Deep Red: If your business has anything to do with fashion, clothing, or trends, deep red tones are a good choice. Dark reds are a popular summer lipstick color, and are often used by fashion brands in summer lines. For this reason, it’s an excellent color option for make-up and fashion businesses selling to both distributors and consumers directly. Consider pairing your red tones with lighter colors to create contrast; because it’s such a dark color, we recommend using reds for accents or text on your signage design. Beige: While beige may have been an odd color in the past, today it’s creeping up in the charts for one of the most popular colors in fine goods advertising. Because this color acts as a perfect canvas for text and graphic design, it’s often used as a background tone rather than a text color. How important is it to consider advertising color schemes when creating graphic design for your signage? Incredibly! Thanks to incredible developments in measuring results from online marketing agencies, we are now able to tell that color schemes play a significant role in a purchasing decision. In fact, a study conducted by Kissmetrics showed that 92.6% of people rely on visuals (not their other senses) when making a purchasing decision. With colors playing such a significant role in how sales are generated, isn’t it time to update your signage?