The Best Types of Signs for Trade Shows

When was the last time you devoted an entire day to advertising for your company? Trade shows are exhibitions that allow companies to showcase products and services, meet with a wide variety of customers, and examine new market trends. Exciting events like these are excellent opportunities for businesses to share their brand with a larger customer base while (respectfully) analyzing how their competition is doing. With spring and summer just on the horizon, you can be sure that more trade shows will be scheduled in the upcoming months. If you plan to do any type of marketing at trade shows this spring and summer, it’s important to have quality marketing material ready in advance. While trade shows draw large crowds to your business, there will be many other vendors around from the same industry, so preparation and great execution is a must! In today’s post, we’ll discuss how the right sign will draw attention to your booth or stall, and put you a step above the other representatives from your industry.

Long Distance Visuals

Large events like trade shows call for larger signage that can catch an eye from across the venue. Both mesh and vinyl banners are great choices because they come in a number sizes, and can be customized with quality graphics and large-font content. The fact that mesh banners are characterized by holes in the fabric make them on of the best options for an outdoor trade show, because the light fabric allows wind to pass through the banner without creating wrinkles or folds. Vinyl banners are an excellent option for indoor trade shows, or events that require a sign made from heavier stock. Both vinyl and mesh banners can easily be hung on a stand, chain link fence, or brick wall using the metal rivets in each corner of the sign.

Up Close Visuals

We know that being able to get someone’s attention from across the room is important; once the crowd reaches your stand, however, it’s equally critical to keep their attention with small, detailed signs. Some great options for smaller, detailed signs include car magnets and sidewalk signs are great for this. Car magnets are an excellent option for businesses who need to hand-out keepsakes to the contacts they meet, while sidewalk signs offer plenty of freedom for the type of design and content you want to use. Sidewalk signs in particular are useful, because you can use them to communicate detailed information about your products and services. For the best results, consider placing business cards in easily accessible places near your smaller signage to encourage people to take them as they look over your stand; if you feel extra creative, dedicate a sidewalk sign to encouraging people to leave their contact information on a clipboard, then use that information to start a mailing list. The possibilities with your signage are endless! From banners to car magnets, signage and advertisement is key to a business’s success when entering a trade show. Everything we’ve listed in this blog can be used for multiple shows, which in turn decreases your investment costs. Good luck at your next trade show!