Advertising Styles Change, As Do The Seasons

A change in season often calls for a change in advertising style. If you’re considering adjusting your seasonal advertising campaign before spring truly arrives, consider using season-specific colors that are expected to be popular among shoppers. According to Pantone’s spring color projections, pastels are definitely on the list of must-use colors, but vibrant tones and a few neutral hues have also made it into the mix. From reds to pastel blue, the vibrant palette this season will have your customers flocking in droves. To help you pick the best colors for your seasonal advertising campaigns this spring, here are a few colors expected to turn heads and drive sales. RED- This classic color always has a lot to offer, and is known give the impression of power and strength. It brings a “pop” to bland signage, and can draw the wandering eyes of passing window shoppers to your business. In fact, studies have shown that using the color red in restaurants can actually influence diners to eat more, which is why you may notice so many red themes food and restaurant logos. LIGHT GREEN- A definite contrast to the bold tones of red, light green can be used to accent writing and bring reprieve from more abrasive colors. A fresh green can be the key to an effective spring advertising theme, and can bring a feeling of nature to even the most industrial looking areas. LILAC- A pastel can make a great impression on customers, and brings spring to them! Perfect for unique accents, lilac adds a sense of serenity and an elegant freshness to signs and advertising material. Traditionally, purple is associated with royalty, and adding a pastel texture to this knightly color doesn’t change that prestigious quality. BEIGE- This color is great for backgrounds, and can be paired with other neutral colors to tie any design together completely. Although beige it is technically neutral, consider using a tone that has a slight red undertone, allowing it to stand out among vibrant Spring colors. BRIGHT SKY BLUE- Add a splash of blue to your sign! With a defined, crisp color like this, your sign will evoke feelings of purpose and clarity. In fact, blue has been known to influence trust; perfect for businesses of all types, blue can build a perfect foundation for developing long term customers. LIGHT PINK- Much like lilac, light pink is another pastel best used as an accent. Pink is classically associated with love and compassion, and it will elicit a sense of upbeat happiness; if used correctly, it can bring someone into your store or restaurant that may have otherwise bypassed your location completely. YELLOW Yellow is a vibrant color that brings energy to designs, and add a splash of cheerfulness to your signage. Often associated with energy and happiness, using any shade of this bright hue will definitely bring attention to your company and services. MEDIUM BLUE- A darker hue than the bright sky blue, this color adds some stability to our spring palette. A tone somewhere in between navy and light blue, this medium hue elicits stillness and confidence. It’s great for stores and professional service businesses (print making, home design, etc.) that want a spring theme without compromising their down-to-earth design. Combining any of these great colors will definitely help bring attention to your business, and help to drive sales during this spring's seasonal advertising campaigns. Start experimenting with colors by trying new combinations in your designs, and let us know what works best for you!