Spend Less, Advertise More: Car Magnets for Company Vehicles

Adding your company’s slogan, name, and information to your car’s exterior is a consistent way to advertise for your business without always having to break the bank with recurring fees for advertisements like radio commercials, billboard, and other high-dollar marketing tactics. A company car is more than just your transportation, it can also be a mobile billboard that helps get peoples’ attention anywhere you go. According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, one vehicle advertisement can generate between 30,000 - 70,000 impressions in a given day. The right design will leave a lasting impression, and great impressions lead to great business. This is an excellent way to drive sales without increasing your advertising budget, which allows for more money in your bottom line. Today, let’s take a look at why car magnets are an excellent advertising option for small and medium businesses, as well as look over the alternative options businesses consider before investing in car magnets.

Car Magnet Alternatives, and Why Many Businesses Don’t Use Them

There are multiple methods of broadcasting your business’s advertisement, including vinyl wraps, window decals, and car magnets. Vinyl wraps are usually intricate, allowing for a bright design that covers the entire car; unfortunately, they can cost upwards of 2000 dollars, which is not a price most small or medium business owners have to spare. Window decals are another option that can be effective when done well; however finding the funds to arm multiple company cars with custom decals can become costly. Both vinyl wraps and decals (depending on the size and complexity) require installation, adding more expense. If something changes about your business (logo, name, phone number, etc.), replacing a wrap will require it to be removed and re-installed by professionals.

Why Do Businesses Choose Car Magnets?

Car magnets may be a more convenient and economical way to go for your business. Magnets allow for more space to be used, and the design can be completely customized. If changes occur within your business, ordering a new magnet is relatively affordable and can be quickly installed by yourself or your employees. With all factors considered, using a car magnet (or more than one) is the best overall option. There are many placement options available to those who use car magnets for their advertising, but the place that will get the most attention will be the side of your car. The car doors allow for adequate advertising space and tend to be viewed the most by both pedestrians and other motorists. Door magnets can be easily seen while stationary, and they can be read while in traffic (i.e. when stopped at a light, keeping pace with a car beside you). The next best place would probably be the back window. Rear window or trunk magnets can be read by those behind you in traffic, though space can become an issue. Placing advertisement on the hood may give more room than the back window, but it won’t be seen as often or as clearly. In conclusion, adding any advertising to your company vehicle is a smart move, but using car magnets will be a better choice. They are more cost effective, allow for more options, and are removable.