Stop! Does your Sign Have A CTA?

If you’ve ever signed up for a website or downloaded an app on your phone, you’ve seen a call-to-action before. CTAs evoke emotions from potential customers, often a sense of urgency or a feeling of confidence in the product. A classic example of a call to action is the generic “sign up now!” icon that is usually brightly colored to draw attention. Of course, many sites have enhanced the concept with different wording. The company, Huemor, uses a press-button CTA that reads “launch,” but the words “do not press” are written underneath. It’s a clever way to entice a rebellious response. Of course you’re going to press the button! While CTAs are generally used in digital advertising, there are many ways to use them in physical campaigns. The same techniques that increase traffic on a website can increase traffic and have a positive impact on any business when used physically.

Using Calls to Action in Real-Life Situations

Using signage that makes people feel included can generate returning customers and increased traffic. Domino’s is a prime example of a physical CTA being used well. The food preparation table in many large Domino’s facilities easily viewable, and some even have a small set of stairs with a hand rail have been installed to allow children to see the pizza making process. Vibrantly colored arrows and signage instruct kids to watch their food be made and put in the oven. These signs creates an opportunity for the children to interact with their food and those who make it in a meaningful way, and gives the impression that Domino’s is a family friendly company. Parents will bring their children in for the experience, where the children will inevitably want drinks, cookies, or other add-ons. This creates more revenue for the restaurant, and everyone is happy. Simply putting a call-to-action for children has made Domino’s an untold amount of money.  

How Do CTA's Work?

Signs outside your business also attract customers and give them an idea of what you’re selling. Listing the coffee of the day outside a café, and writing “try one today” makes people pause and consider coming in to try some coffee. Having a car with bright signage can bring awareness to your business and make people keener to look for it. That’s why food delivery trucks are painted with the slogans and colors of the brand they’re delivering. I once saw a Fanta delivery truck that said “follow me to where the party Is!” (needless to say, I wanted Fanta for the rest of the day.) CTAs can also make your brand memorable, because people remember how your advertisement made them feel. Your next client could be the person who saw your advertisement on the side of your car and remembered the great impression it made.

The benefits of physical CTAs are almost endless. Gaining the interest and attention of potential customers is vital to any business’s success, and using CTAs will go a long way towards doing that. A sign that says “come in, join us for dinner” is more inviting than just a name and slogan.

  So, next time you’re considering ways to expand your customer base, remember what a well-placed call-to-action can do for you.