7 Things People Hate About Business Signs

Signage should be considered the face of your company. While you (or your employees) are inside serving existing customers, your business signs are outside representing your brand. What do your signs say about you? Because 76% of customers have entered a place of business based on the company’s signage alone, there’s lots of opportunity to drive sales with your business signs- if they’re used right. Today, here are 7 things people really hate about most business signs: 1) Unclear Message: If people read your sign, and still don’t know what you’re product or service is, there’s a definite problem. Ask someone who is not a member of your company to read your sign to confirm your message is clear. 2) Odd or Over-Bright Colors: Colors play a large role in the way a person interprets a sign or message. If the colors on your signs are too bright, oddly contrasted, or just plain weird, you could be driving away customers before they even walk through the doors. 3) Words are Spelled Incorrectly: When it comes to advertising, having misspelled words in any type of your content is a definite no. If you’ve been letting incorrect spelling impact your business success, it’s time to invest in new signage that has been professionally edited. 4) Poor Quality Images: When companies use images to add depth or meaning to their signage, the photos used should be high quality and fully licensed. If you’ve used a stock, unlicensed, or blurry image in your advertising, refresh your approach with signage that has custom or licensed high quality photos. 5) Poor Visibility: Have you checked to make sure your signs are visible from the street or sidewalk? Unfortunately, many companies install signage in hard-to-see places, making harder for customers to engage with their message. 6) Generic Content: Are you using a classic “come in now” message to entice your customers into walking into your store? If so, that’s a likely reason you haven’t been getting as much traffic as you’d like. Customers look for engaging, exciting content that makes them feel emotionally invigorated. Instead of using standard messages to get your point across, try using storytelling and unique phrases to intrigue your potential clients. 7) No Signage At All: While it seems like a basic need of business, some companies don’t see the value in investing in signage. If you haven’t taken the time to select some affordable signage to display in from of your building. You are wasting precious advertising space. Hundreds of companies have improved their sales and brand reputation simply by upgrading their sidewalk signs or vinyl banners. The quality of your business signs, their design, and the content used should be a top priority. If any of the things on the list above sounded like a potential problem with one of the sings in your company, it may be time to consider replacing them.