How Does Sign Formatting Effect Customer Interpretation?

As a business owner or advertising strategist, marketing a product or service in the best way possible is something that comes naturally to you. We all know that a business and its products (or services) should attract future consumers while simultaneously continuing a healthy relationship with current clients. One way to do this is by creating a sign that not only entices customers with spectacular deals and opportunities, but also something that gets the point across quickly. Surprisingly, the way a sign is formatted plays an enormous role in how readable and customer friendly it is. Essentially, formatting is important for five reasons, and by learning the reasons why sign formatting is valuable, you and your team will have a better chance making and maintaining a lasting business venture.

Draw Attention

The primary function of any sign is to draw attention, and the colors used for fonts and graphics can play an enormous role in the way passing traffic perceives your sign. Different colors have been found to trigger certain emotions that entice or push away buyers. An example of this phenomenon includes the way a bakery designs Christmas cookies. Imagine a holiday cookie decorated with colors like white, red, and green; because these colors are synonymous with the holidays, they may evoke warm feelings in the potential buyer, influencing them to make a purchase. On the other hand, holiday cookies decorated in colors like black or brown can make the pastries appear dull and boring, and in turn, discourage potential customers from purchasing. With signage, any company’s goal is to encourage potential clients to look at your business out of curiosity, and encourage them to take interest the function of your business, and using intriguing colors to compliment your sign’s formatting is one of the first steps to success.

Brand Equity

A sign’s format can be a vital marketing strategy if executed correctly. Emphasized words and logos can make a business stand out among competitors, just as the presentation and structural design helps consumers associate the brand with the product or service. If your signage is executed correctly, your community and industry will be able to recognize your brand by the types of signage, fonts, and brand colors used by your business.

Organized Appearance

A sign with great formatting is a sign that is organized. When a potential shopper views the sign, it should be clear and legible, even from a distance. To accomplish this, font and letter size are important, because they allow the reader to understand the information you are offering quickly and clearly.

Look Professional

A brand should always act and appear professional. Your signage is your opportunity to communicate to the public that your product or service is high quality, reliable, and efficient. A well organized and formatted sign shows that your business is serious about quality business transactions, not quantity. Professionalism alone can impress, and a sign filled with typos can cause buyers to not your services seriously. Signage is an excellent advertising method for mobile and brick-and-mortar businesses. Using signage to draw attention to your company, make your brand recognizable, create an organized appearance, and look professional, your business may witness an increase in sales.