5 Ways Window Graphics Can Build Your Business

Transforming your standard store window space into an eye catching window display is easy using a professionally printed window graphic. Perfect for advertising your business both during and after business hours, an economical window graphic can capture the interest of passerby while making a lasting impression in their minds. Below, we’ve listed the five ways a well-designed window graphic can improve your business.
Promotional Marketing
Perfect for start-up businesses, or companies with a limited marketing budget, window decals are a cost effective way to promote your business during all hours of the day. These brightly colored graphics communicate your businesses key information, including: logo, hours, phone number, services, and (on occasion) brief pricing information. Fundamental information such as this is easily communicated to passerby, no matter what their method of transportation.
Brand Empowerment
Nothing helps to build a brand more than seeing their logo set boldly against the place (or places) they do business. A window graphic does just that on a repeated basis, allowing you to build your business’s brand image and glue your brand and services into the minds of your local target demographic.
Drive Sales
Studies have shown that 50% of all retail and food purchases are done on impulse. Additionally, most people in today’s society learn and make decisions based on visual triggers. Therefore, having an appealing window space that grabs the attention of those passing by is a huge priority for companies based in high-traffic locations.
Build Credibility
A business window filled with an inspiring display not only attracts customers, but also builds a positive reputation for your company within the surrounding community. Just as having business cards and a well-designed website builds credibility for your company, a window decal adds to the integrity of your organization.
Stand Out Against the Competition
A visible sign placed on your business front helps you to stand out against other businesses offering similar services in your area. Because window graphics communicate your hours and rates openly, passing customers are able to compare your image and available services to your competitors. Think about it; does your nearest competitor have a window graphic on their business front?
Lower Your Marketing Budget
Marketing to your local demographic is unbelievably important for businesses to continue reaching sales goals. Unfortunately, many traditional methods used to launch marketing campaigns can be expensive and time consuming. Using a window graphic at your business allows you to optimize your business space into a marketing venue, which also just-so-happens to be directly before the product you are promoting!
Using window graphics to enhance your business traffic, increase credibility, and stand out the competition is easy using our website. Our window graphics are affordably priced to fit within your budget, with our smallest decal ( 12 X 18 inches ) priced at a mere $14.00. With prices this affordable and a marketing plan this simple, you can start promoting your business and building your brand with your own office or retail space today!