5 Places to Hang Vinyl Banners

Vinyl banners are extremely useful advertising tools.

As durable and versatile advertising mediums, they can be customized to fit a number of different branding goals or sales events. Despite their attractiveness, the location you hang vinyl banners is crucial. When signage is placed in areas like the point of sale, point of entry, or customer service sections of the store, it can prompt customers to take action. Let’s take a look at five places that will optimize your sign’s effectiveness.   Directly above your storefront. Sometimes the simplest placement is the most effective. Signs can portray any message, and you want to make customers aware of all you have to offer. Because they are so durable, placing a vinyl banner outside will be a big issue. They are resistant to wind and weather, and they will not fade easily. However, to ensure an even longer amount of use time for your banner, placing it inside a storefront window is a great recommendation.   Hang vinyl banners on your building. Busy streets make great places to advertise. Use poles to hang your vinyl banner in plain view. 80% of new customers learn about a business from signage, and a bright outside vinyl sign can draw in new people all year. Vinyl banners with a matte finish may work best because they are easier to read and do not cause glare in sunlight.   Near your competitor's place of business. While driving sales at your location is important, driving awareness of your business in the surrounding area can really help. If a possible customer is not aware your business has what they need, they will inevitably give their money to the competition. Prevent this by placing advertisements around your competition’s place of business.   Outside busy events People will flock to tourist sites and attend more seminars and conventions as Summer goes on. Placing banners at these events will bring awareness to your business. You will probably have to pay to advertise at the events, but you may be given special consideration for being a sponsor.   At an event table or booth Why not get in on the action at these events? Depending on the size of the event, booth rental can be inexpensive relative to potential sales. Banners are a cost effective way to display your product, and a glossy vinyl banner across the front of your booth or table can really make it stand out. This clarifies where your wares begin and end, gives information about what you’re selling, and can show images of completed products (if your product is commission or custom made, this will definitely help a lot). These are only a few of the / places that you can place a vinyl banner. If you want to be really creative, consider placing banners in even more unique areas like the ceiling of your store, between clothing racks, or nestled between retail shelves. A vinyl banner is an affordable but beneficial investment- start using them to benefit your business today.