5 Examples Of Vehicle Advertising:

Car top-mounted signs

Car top signs are an excellent way to advertise your business from your vehicle. Their size and placement on the vehicle help to attract attention and make your message visible from far distances. In addition, many car-mounted signs come with light systems inside, making your advertisement visible even in the dark. Unlike magnets and window graphics, which are next to impossible to see in the dark, lit car signs will advertise your business long into the night. And if you are in the business of late-night delivery, this is almost a requirement.

Window-mounted sign

Window-mounted signs are similar to car-mounted signs and therefore share many of the same advantages. They are large and noticeable, can be lit during the night and are easily removable, making them the ideal choice for food delivery businesses.

Window graphics

Window graphics are an excellent method of vehicle advertising, because they have the potential to be very large. In addition, perforated material allows you to see out your window even when the entire window is covered. This allows for a large advertisement without the worry of blocking your view from inside the vehicle. One thing to consider with window graphics, however, is they are not easily visible during the night. Therefore, the effectiveness of the advertisement is limited to daytime driving only.

Car Door Magnets

Although car magnets can seem a little dull and obvious when compared to other options, with a little imagination they can become an effective and inexpensive way to advertise your business. Stick to the tips below to create a memorable and dynamic car magnet advertisement.

Vehicle Wraps

If executed successfully, wraps can be one of the most interesting methods of vehicle advertising. By wrapping your entire vehicle in one giant graphic, you can bet people are going to notice you. Combine that with an engaging advertisement and people will be looking all the way down the street. However, one thing to consider is that the wrap is a permanent form of advertising. Unlike car-mounted signs and magnets, vehicle wraps cannot be easily removed and reapplied. Therefore, wraps are better suited for company-owned vehicles, where people are not relying on them for their personal modes of transportation.

Whichever method you ultimately choose, keep in mind these few tips to help you get the most out of your advertisement:

1. When it comes to car door magnets, think outside the square. Not every car magnet has to be a square or rectangle. Giving your magnet a unique shape, such as the outline of your logo, can give it more depth and help it stand out from the crowd.

2. Sometimes less is more. No matter which method you choose, remember that you are advertising from a moving vehicle. Keeping things simple and short (and therefore larger) will be more visible and memorable to people in other vehicles as well as people walking down the street.

3. Embrace color, but do not abuse it. Using a bold color can help your advertisement to pop, thus attracting more attention. But be wary, as too many colors in a single graphic can bog down your message and become distracting. Stick with one or two colors that go well together and keep them consistent throughout the advertisement.