5 Essential Tips for Designing an Eye-Catching Vinyl Banner

Vinyl banners are a low-maintenance and economical way to advertise your business and services to the mass public. Perfect for construction sites, large office buildings, and even small store fronts, vinyl banners make it easy to promote your business’s presence in outdoor spaces both large and small. As with any type of signage, there are a few key components your vinyl banner must have in order to effectively promote your company. Deciding on a banner size before starting the design process is highly recommended. For small store fronts and events, we recommend our petite 2’X4’ full color banner, but businesses trying to develop a presence at construction sites or other large spaces should consider our extra-large 4’X8’ banner to make a truly bold statement. Once you have a banner size selected, it’s time to get started with the design! Let’s take a look below to learn the five essential tips for designing an eye-catching vinyl banner.

Your company logo condenses your business name, services, and slogan in one easy to read graphic. An essential piece of your businesses brand, a logo must be incorporated onto your banner to create a strong business presence. Not only do logos allow customers to recognize your services from a distance, they also increase the professional appearance of your business, and builds credibility with your potential clients.

Business Name and Contact Information
What is a banner for, if not attracting customers and generating leads? Your company’s business name should be the largest piece of text on your banner, and should easily stand out from the rest of the text included on the banner. Any pertinent contact information, such as phone number, website, and e-mail address, should also be listed clearly beneath the business name to encourage interested leads to contact you directly.

Slogan or Services
Although your company logo should give potential clients an idea of your company’s products and services, including a slogan or short list of services on your banner is highly recommended. Boldly stating your products or services reduces confusion when people view your banner while exuding confidence in your company’s abilities.

Empty Space
It almost seems counter-intuitive, but packing every possible graphic or service into your vinyl is a definite “no.” The empty space on your banner draws viewer attention to the important information, while making it quick and easy to digest. Including too much information or graphics can discourage viewers from purchasing your services, simply because it took them too long to read as they drove or walked by.

Background and Text Colors
Banners are nothing without eye-catching color. The colors you use on your banner will ultimately determine its ability to stand out and catch attention. We recommend incorporating your logo-colors into your banner’s background or text colors to build brand awareness and maintain consistency. White backgrounds are best when used against vibrantly colored text, while black backgrounds are best for businesses who want to use white text.