5 Businesses that Should Always Use Car Top Signs

Finding the best advertising medium for your business directly relies on the services you provide, the clients you work with, and the advertising standards in your industry. As such, companies that do most of their business off-premises (including food delivery businesses and shuttle services) rely on mobile advertising methods to build brand presence and awareness in their local communities. Today, we will review the five business models that should always use car top signs as a main focus of their marketing efforts.

Food Delivery Companies
It would be confusing and slightly unsettling to see unknown and unmarked vehicles arrive at your house, particularly during night hours. Because most take-out companies require their employees to use personal vehicles to complete deliveries, having a vehicle that is easy to recognize is critical for maintaining a positive brand image. Vehicle top signs are a must for food delivery businesses because they alert customers of their arrival, and assures them the individual in the vehicle can be trusted, which subsequently promotes a positive brand image.

Repair Companies
Repair companies often rely on their employees to arrive at the homes of their clients. Once again, communicating to clients that the individuals arriving at their home belong to a professional, trustworthy organization is the first step to emanating a positive company image.

Taxi Companies
Personal shuttle services and taxi companies arguably benefit the most from sporting car signs on their vehicles. Because personal transportation businesses spend significant amounts of time attaining business in high-traffic locations, advertising themselves to the number of individuals in need of a ride is essential to business success. Furthermore, customers who call the main office to be picked up from their homes expect to be serviced by an identifiable and professionally marked vehicle.

Auto Schools
Driver’s education academies are well-known for their dedication to helping new driver’s master behind-the-wheel safety. Using car top signs to communicate a new driver’s experience level to other vehicles is imperative to ensuring the safety of both the student driver and their educator. Of course, this car sign safety benefit is complimented by the fact that auto schools can simultaneously advertise their services during behind-the-wheel classes.

Mobile Cleaning Services
Mobile cleaning services have grown in popularity within the last decade. Like delivery and repair companies, presenting company employees and property in a professional manner is essential for maintaining a positive brand image. By adding car signs to mobile maid vehicles, businesses are able to communicate to their customers that their employees have arrived on site. Because mobile cleaning companies can spend hours on a single house, having a marked vehicle outside the house they are working on is an excellent way to peak the attention of interested neighbors as well.

As you can see, these five business types rely on high quality car top signs to build rapport with existing customers and grab the attention of potential clients. If your business is in need of a new car sign, take a look at our car top sign options here.