4th of July Advertising Ideas

4th of July is one of the most popular holidays around the country. Each year, city streets are packed with residents who plan to spend the day on the beach, at the park, or browsing through shops. More often than not, bright firework displays finish off the night. Although every town has a unique way of honoring this special day in history, there is one constant every city shares: a large opportunity to drive sales and revenue. Because most of independence day traffic is oriented out-of-doors, consider writing down some 4th of July advertising ideas you can use for outdoor advertising. What’s the Point of Holiday-Specific Advertising Ideas? In 2015, 35.5 million people travelled via car get to their 4th of July celebration. This means that businesses located on a roadside or heavily travelled highway can capitalize on this dramatic increase in traffic by displaying outdoor business signs such as large vinyl banners. Because many families and college students spend time in downtown areas to watch firework shows, companies in these areas can also benefit from displaying signage for pedestrian traffic. What Type of Signage is Best? There’s no one-size-fits-all sign for any industry, but for Independence day, outdoor signage is best. Vinyl banners, updated window graphics, and sidewalk signs are all examples of business signs that can be used for 4th of July advertising. With that said, here are some design ideas that might help you get started: 4th of July Quotes: Is there a way you can take a famous quote from one of our founders, and make it relevant to your product or service? Because quotes often have a lot of emotion and meaning behind them, they tend to resonate with passing shoppers well. Consider looking at quotes from George Washington, John Hancock, and other people associated with the Declaration of Independence. Holiday-Specific Colors: We talk a lot about the importance of colors here, because the fact of the matter is that colors and graphic design affect a reader before they even begin to consume content written on your business sign. In order to earn their attention, it’s important to use relevant color schemes and interesting designs for all of your advertising efforts. This year, try incorporating the traditional 4th of July color scheme (red, white, and blue) into your signage in unique ways. There is no doubt that Independence day offers an incredible opportunity for businesses across the country. Companies who take the time to prepare their advertising campaigns in advance for this special day not only have a better chance of driving high sales, they also can re-use the signage for future years, assuming they haven’t changed product lines in the meantime. Whatever your industry is, consider investing in outdoor signage for Fourth of July 2016, and measure the difference in results between this and previous years. If you need help selecting the best signage for your business, don’t hesitate to ask us!