4 Ways your Business Should be Using Vinyl

Vinyl signage can be one of the most eye-catching ways to advertise a product and build brand awareness. With hundreds of ways to effectively use vinyl, it’s no wonder businesses both large and small have difficulty choosing the best vinyl marketing campaign for their business model. If your company is considering investing in vinyl signage, take a look at the four ways your business should be using vinyl to target your market demographic.

Floor Vinyl
Have you ever walked into a gymnasium, only to find that the flooring is covered in impressive graphics? What many don’t realize is that most of the floor graphics we see in large auditoriums, retail shops, and other places of business are constructed out of vinyl. Not only do they bring a boring floor plan to life, they also have the potential to direct incoming traffic to higher value areas of your storefront. If floor vinyl sounds like something your business would benefit from, be sure to design your graphic with colors that will strongly contrast the color of the flooring it will be placed onto.

Company Vehicles
Vinyl decals for vehicles, including company trucks, golf carts, and sedans is a great way to boldly spread your brand across your local area. Using vinyl decals on company vehicles not only builds brand awareness, but also increases the credibility of your company. For businesses such as apartment complexes and fair grounds, having professionally installed vinyl onto a company golf cart is also extremely effective for branding and advertising purposes. After all, who can say “no” to a well-branded golf cart?

Short and Sweet Slogans
While the placement of your vinyl banner will make a significant impact on the success of your signage marketing campaign, understanding that today’s consumers are attracted to short, effective slogans and catch phrases is also a must. Infamous slogans such as Nike’s “Just Do It,” and the De Beer’s Diamond Company’s “A Diamond Is Forever” were incredibly effective for the simple fact that they were inspiring and to-the-point. When selecting the best tagline for your advertising banner, make your point as direct as possible.

Exterior Advertising
Does your business receive a lot of foot or vehicle traffic, but you’re still experiencing issues drawing customers in? Many businesses suffer from an imbalance in their signage distribution, placing the majority of their advertising material within the confines of their stores and neglecting the importance of exterior advertising. Vinyl decals are perfectly suited for advertising outdoors because of their durability; thanks to their included rivets, they can be suspended over pavement (or your store’s entrance) to encourage walk-in traffic.

Directional Advertising
The first thing many of us do when walking into a grocery store is scan the aisle signs for the items we’re looking for. This concept of directional advertising with signage has expanded from the grocery stores into other industries, such as clearance signs in clothing retail stores. Directional advertising within your storefront helps customers locate what they need quickly, and may even entice them to explore things they come across along the way.