4 Vinyl Banner Questions Finally Answered

Vinyl banners are one of the most popular types of print advertising mediums used today. Because advertising banners can be used for indoor and outdoor marketing displays, they are also considered some of the most versatile types of print marketing material available to businesses of all sizes. In today’s post, we’re going to address some of the most common questions professionals have about vinyl banners.
What Does Vinyl Material Feel Like?
The material used to make vinyl banners is similar to a thick plastic which, while inherently durable, also allows the sign enough flexibility and movement to be hung as loosely as needed. This material means that the banners are naturally able to withstand mild to moderate weather conditions without being in danger of falling apart. Keep in mind that the stock of the vinyl used to create the sign can range from light to thick, which will in turn affect the feel of the vinyl banner.
What is the Best Size for an Advertising Banner?
There are endless vinyl banner sizes, each of which are perfect for their own specific utility. At HTH Inc., we know the more variety our clients have to choose from, the better. For this reason, we offer six different sizes of vinyl banners, each of which comes with metal-protected grommets for easy hanging. Our sizes range from a small (but effective) 2’ X 4’ hanging banner to a large and highly visible 4’ X 8’ hanging banner.
How Do I Hang My Vinyl Banner?
Hanging a vinyl banner is relatively straightforward, and requires only your new banner and some extra pieces of rope. To begin hanging your banner, first decide where you will hang it, and what it will be fastened to. Some great places to hang a vinyl banner include along chain-link fences, over the entrance of your building, or between two trees. Once you have picked a location for your banner to sit, simply tie it down using four pieces of rope and the metal-lined grommets located on each corner of the vinyl.
What Type of Graphics and Text Should I Place on my Banner?
The type of graphics and content you place on your banner will vary according to your business type, products, and services. Regardless, almost all advertising banners include a company logo, contact information, and a brief explanation of what the banner is advertising. Common banner phrases include “clearance sale,” “new products inside,” or “seasonal rates available,” and are aimed at telling the customer a reason to enter the store in as few words as possible. As far as graphics go, businesses are often able to upload custom graphics onto their banner, or choose from a pre-designed template offered by their banner printer. At HTH Inc., we offer a custom decal builder to our clients for no additional charge.