4 Unusual (But Necessary) Spring Cleaning Tips for Businesses

Spring is all about a fresh start- think of it as your second life at the New Year’s resolutions that went astray. Although spring cleaning is generally associated with sweeping, dusting, and organizing, this is also an excellent time of year to refocus on organizational improvement and boosting sales. Because spring draws people outside and into strip malls and shopping centers, there’s no better time to review the effectiveness of your outdoor marketing tactics. If you’re not happy with your current results, it may be time to reconsider your approach. Let’s dive into a few unusual (but surprisingly effective) ways to make this spring quarter your best: 1. Evaluate your Existing Advertising Efforts: Before you can even think about adjusting your advertising approach, you have to evaluate your current budget and ROI. What advertising techniques are bringing in sales, and which aren’t? If you’re using signage, and notice a lack of response, it’s time to consider changing the font, colors, or message to drive more interest. 2. Start with Small Adjustments: If you’re on a tight budget this quarter, make some small changes to your outdoor and indoor advertising to stimulate more interest with your existing clientele. Moving signage to different locations is one easy and cheap way to create a new advertising flow to your store or office. 3. Make Larger Changes: We mentioned that changing the look of your existing signage may help in driving sales. Updating your signage to include a bigger logo, different message, or more detailed image are all great ways to adjust your outdoor advertising campaign without investing a large portion of your marketing budget. If there are other stores in your area selling similar products, research their design and content to get idea of how your competition is positioned. 4. Be Strategic: When you’re adjusting the design of your outdoor signs, be strategic about your sizing, colors, and message. Utilize larger and bolder signs in street facing locations, and smaller, more detailed signs in areas that get lots of pedestrian traffic. If possible, move your signs to new areas of your storefront every once in a while to measure the affect it has on customer engagement and sales. 5. Use Signs to Support Digital Advertising: When we said be strategic, we really meant it. Did you know you can use standard outdoor signs like chalkboard sidewalk signs to request e-mail addresses? One fresh new way to start using signage is to encourage customers to sign up for your company mailing list. By printing an advertisement for a rewards program, discount, or raffle drawing on indoor or outdoor signage, and placing a simple sign-up sheet beneath, you can support your company’s digital advertising campaign for relatively no maintenance costs. Spring is the perfect time to make your outdoor advertising tactics stand out. With well-planned outdoor signs, you can entice passing customers to browse through merchandise or take a seat in your restaurant without paying regular maintenance fees. If you’re considering a new outdoor look this spring, take a look at HTH Inc.’s signage selection.