4 Things You Should Be Displaying on your Sidewalk Sign

Sidewalk signs are an effective way for businesses to capitalize on the foot traffic that naturally passes by their storefront. Because they are able to be hung on a vertical surface or set to stand on a walkway, they are extremely versatile and can be used creatively for a number of different purposes. By adding one to two sidewalk signs to the outside of your storefront, you will be able to advertise special deals, menu items, upcoming sales, and more. In this blog, you’ll learn about the four things you should absolutely be displaying on your business’s sidewalk sign, regardless of what industry you are in.

Current Specials and Deals
One of the primary functions of a sidewalk sign is to advertise existing deals and hot products. Whether you are a retail store, restaurant, or other type of business, using your sidewalk signage to inform customers of the products or pricing that makes your business stand out against competitors is the first step to standing out to foot traffic. Brand Information and Colors
Because your signage is inherently designed to advertise the best things about your brand, it’s important to ensure you include as much of your brand’s personality as possible in the sign’s colors, tone, and contact information. While these features may appear insignificant at first, they are actually methods of reinforcing the strength of your brands culture.

Easy to Interpret Images
The need to include visual content in any type of advertising campaign has become more and more prominent in recent years. Images not only add more color to a sign, they are also loved for how informative, yet simple they are. Because sidewalk signs come with different faces, such as chalk-board, whiteboard, and printed designs, the type of images you include in your sign content will vary. Chalkboard and whiteboard signs will require an artistic hand to draw in images related to your content message. If you are using a sidewalk sign that requires printed inserts, simply select the photo or logo you plan to use, and include it in the general sign design. Be sure that your image’s coloring matches the CMYK or RGB requirements of the printing company you plan to use.

Services, Products, and Menu Items
Is there a product, service, or menu item that makes your business stand out against your competitors? Sometimes, prospective customers have yet to hear about the unique features of your business; to revise this issue, many businesses use sidewalk signs to broadcast their products. Restaurants, for example, may use sidewalk signs to display the best menu items and their prices to entice passerby to stop and look at the menu further.

Regardless of what type of business you manage, taking the time to develop a well-rounded marketing strategy using both signage and internet marketing tactics. If your business is ready to begin using sidewalk signs outside of your storefront, be sure to think your sign’s message through thoroughly. You can find different sidewalk sign products here; once you’ve selected the best model for your storefront, don’t forget to design your sign’s face with wording that highlights your store’s special deals, hit products, hours, and brand personality to educate passing customers about your company culture and what it offers.