4 Simple Tips to Effectively Use Signage in a Retail Business

Indoor and outdoor signs are everywhere. They direct us through traffic, show us where to line up, and advise us on which local business is promoting the best sale for their goods or services. While signs are a great advertising option for just about any business plan, retail storefronts specifically benefit from the strategic use of visible interior and exterior business signs.
Why is this? According to some statistics, 88% of consumers are said to purchase on impulse as opposed to planning and saving for a purchase. Commonly located in malls, shopping centers, and downtown venues, retail shops are often grouped into small spaces among their competitors. This fact leaves many retail business owners scrambling for a way to make their business stand out against the hoard of competition. While many entrepreneurs begin frantically updating their website, there are simpler solutions with the potential to be just as profitable. Because signage is highly visible, easy to use, and uniquely affordable, it is a preferred advertising method amongst retail stores both large and small. Let’s take a look at how you can use signs in and around your retail shop to increase sales.

Know Your Customer In order for any sign to be successful, you must first know and understand the needs and interests of your target demographic. Know that signage is a marketing tactic that solely targets your local region; therefore, understanding the city you live in, what trends are popular, and how other businesses in your area successfully advertise is imperative. Is your town extremely fitness-oriented? Is agriculture a major economical contributor in your community? Whatever niche market you may be living in, consider implementing the publics’ interests into your signage; whether it be using graphics or topic-related content. Using humor and words that will be recognized by your potential customers is also pertinent when sending a strong and relatable message to your consumers. Location, Location

Is there a certain part of your storefront that gets the most traffic? When visitors walk into your shop, are their eyes immediately glued to a blank wall, or are they met by something informative that will help them make a purchasing decision? Using signage in strategic locations in and around your storefront is essential to driving traffic in for a peek, and encouraging clients to try your product. Vinyl decals, sidewalk signs, and banners are excellent methods of outdoor advertising on your stores street facing windows, side walls, and entrance. On the other hand, using banners indoors in conjunction with chalkboard signs and interior window decals can help guide customers to featured sections of your shop.

Colors and Contrast

Just as your favorite television commercial uses bold, topic related colors to advertise their product, your business should always apply your brand colors onto any signage you decide to use. Psychology has proven that specific colors affect our potential to purchase a product solely based on its aesthetic appearance, so consider doing a bit of research about color psychology to help you during the creative process. Be sure to advertise with easy-to read text and short content statements to create a dynamic experience. Remember that contrasting colors (such as black and white) are most effective for catching the attention of passerby

Show off Your Personality

Every business has its own professional identity and personality. Signage adds to your storefront’s personality by giving you the opportunity to express your business’s values, excitement, and trust in your product. Many retail stores regularly run specials on their goods, which is also adds to your brand’s affordability. Consider using outdoor signage to cater to passing traffic, while using fun chalkboard signs on your shop’s interior to point out specific deals, direct customers to your targeted focal points, and encourage sales.

So, whether you are a small or large business in need of obtaining a larger local client base, be sure to use thee four simple tips to optimize your retail business both inside and out.