4 Reasons Clothing Stores Need Vinyl Banners

Retail clothing in the U.S. is a 225-billion-dollar industry, and vinyl banners play a large role in success. With thousands of reasons for people to purchase new clothes, the only question we can ask is, ‘how do I get them to my store?’ Using vinyl banners for outdoor advertising is an excellent way to announce sales, new clothing lines, and other exciting events in your store. Why are they so effective? 1) Large-Scale One of the largest benefits of vinyl banners is they can be purchased in a variety of sizes, each of which is capable of supporting large-scale fonts that can be seen from long distances. Because they are considered larger signs, banners can be used to advertise at trade shows, marathons, outdoor events, and more. Depending on the size you choose, you can hang your signage across the entrance of your storefront, or hang it on the side of your building. You’ll notice that quality banners have metal rivets in the corners of the fabric, making it easier to hang the sign in different areas. 2) Affordable Compared to radio ads, television commercials, and freeway billboards, banner ads are much more affordable. No- you don’t get the same wide-spread coverage, but you do get to advertise to your local community, where most of your shoppers are just waiting for your clothing to come to their attention. Which brings us to our next point… 3) Attract Impulse Shoppers When you place a vinyl banner at the front of your store, it’s likely directly related to a sale or product that can be found immediately inside. Because the number one reason individuals make an impulse purchase is an advertised low price, using vinyl banners to broadcast sales on specific items is a great outdoor advertising strategy. 4) Target Passing Vehicles Have you ever driven down a street, looking for a store that sold the product or service you were interested in? Many of your customers have! Vinyl banners are often large enough to be seen by passing vehicles, and can entice tourists and window shoppers into your store. 5) Fill-Out Marketing Campaigns Today, many clothing stores have a strong online presence; few, however, still take the time to optimize their physical storefront. Although internet shopping has definitely taken a toll on the sales of brick-and-mortar clothing stores, it’s still important to ensure your storefront looks enticing to shoppers in your area. A number of marketing studies show that billboards are extremely effective, in part because the average American drives about 200 miles a month and passes outdoor advertisements often during each drive. So, if you have a dedicated internet marketing campaign but aren’t using signage to advertise your product lines yet, consider investing in affordable vinyl banners for your storefront. Despite the digital marketing industry growing larger each day, there is no question that outdoor advertising is still alive and driving traffic to thousands of businesses around the country. Whether your storefront is in a mall, downtown strip, or located on a busy intersection, affordable vinyl banners can make your store more visible to passing cars, tourists, and shoppers. How do you plan to use your new hanging signage? Let us know in the comments below!