4 Reasons Businesses Love LED Car Signs

Signage has been historically linked to advancements in technology of all kinds. It is a traceable pattern that whenever new discoveries in the lighting industry (like neon or CFL bulbs) have been released to the public, those revolutionary changes have allowed signage to simultaneously grow in enormous ways. As LED bulbs become more common, the changes is having on advertising and marketing are becoming more apparent. Contrary to popular belief, LED signage isn’t just bright and flashy; in fact, there are a number of reasons businesses prefer LED signage. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the four key reasons LED signage works for businesses. Long Lasting Lighting LED lighting is designed to be extremely energy efficient. As such, the vast majority of LED bulbs are able to function longer and brighter without maintenance. As a result of this simple but industry-changing design, businesses are able to incorporate lit signage into marketing campaigns without having to set aside bulb maintenance funds, which can become very costly not only in replacement bulbs, but also installation time. Unmatched Light Quality Light quality is made up of two things: lumen count (the brightness of a bulb) and kelvin color (the color emitted by a bulb). On average, most businesses prefer light colors anywhere from 30-35 degrees kelvin, which is a combination of light yellow and soft white lights. Although many lighting experts will suggest that the type of light put out by LED bulbs is too different to be truly measured in lumens, the vast majority will agree that the light output offered by LED bulbs and fixtures is brighter and cleaner than that put out by other types of bulbs. Because LED bulbs can fill these requirements better and longer than CFL and incandescent bulbs, LED car sign bulbs have become increasingly popular among businesses across the U.S. Low Maintenance Costs We mentioned above that part of the reason businesses love how long lasting LED bulbs are is due to their minimal maintenance requirements. Although LED bulbs are slightly more expensive to purchase than standard incandescent and CFL bulbs, the fact that they do not need to be replaced on a regular basis has been suggested to level out the costs between LED bulbs and their competitors. The difference? A bulb that shines brighter and costs less to maintain. Following the Market Although LED bulbs are relatively new to the lighting industry, it is a universal belief that LEDs will begin to replace other bulb types, such as incandescent, halogen, and CFL. Already, incandescent bulbs are being phased out by the National Electrical Code, and it is only a matter of time before production of these types of bulbs comes to a halt altogether. The fact that the market is changing to favor LED bulbs has pushed business owners to begin implementing LED compatible devices onto their car toppers to reduce the chance that they will have to upgrade again in the future.