4 Impactful Ways Signage can Benefit your Online Marketing Campaign

Any successful business needs a marketing strategy in order to proactively encourage sales. Today’s advertising world has taken a turn to web-based ad campaigns, leaving many business owners wondering if there is any point in using signs, banners, and decals to advertise with. With so much emphasis placed on web-based marketing, many businesses become more and more dependent solely on web-based advertising. Signage is a “traditional” advertising method, and can be used by businesses of all sizes to increase brand awareness and advertise specials. Many businesses are unsure if signage could be beneficial to their existing online marketing strategy. We assure you; it absolutely can! Let’s take a look at how using signage can compliment your online ad campaign.

The Value of Having a Physical Presence

One of the biggest mistakes any company can make is dedicating all their advertising efforts to online marketing. While web-based advertising is effective, it lacks the tangibility that is essential to many successful marketing campaigns. Consumers today enjoy seeing and interacting with the businesses they purchase from, prior to actually making a purchase. Signage is a great way to capture the attention of customers, but isn’t inclusive enough to offer them all the information they would need to make a purchase. Therefore, it can be used to make your presence known among your target demographic, which will subsequently encourage them to visit your webpage for more information.

Budget-Friendly Advertising

Most intensive online marketing campaigns can cost thousands of dollars per month to maintain. While large corporations may not mind opting in to large scale web campaigns, most small and medium companies must limit the amount of online marketing they do, simply because of the cost. Because signage is a one-time purchase that rarely requires maintenance fees (the only exception being intricately designed chalkboard signs), many businesses invest in signage as a budget-friendly way to compliment a small online marketing campaign.

Targets Your Local Demographic

For retail shops, restaurants, and service-oriented businesses, targeting your local demographic is essential for driving sales. While web based marketing is generally most effective for companies trying to target individuals spread out across the country, traditional marketing tactics such as signage are unbelievably effective for targeting locals in your area. Car signs, window decals, and sidewalk signs are highly recommended for businesses that need to encourage traffic from customers who have not heard of their business name or are aware of tour services.

Builds Credibility

Businesses are infinitely more profitable when they have features and assets that add to the legitimacy of their brand. An office location, website, and signage are all examples of assets businesses invest in not only to increase the awareness of their brand, but build credibility as well. Having a physical sign outside your business front to compliment your well-designed webpage tells the public that you are an established part of the community, and can therefore be trusted.

Whatever your business plan or online marketing strategy may be, using physical signage at your storefront or on company vehicles is a great way to optimize your web-based ad campaign.