4 Easy Ways to Make your Next Sign Campaign a Success

As with any marketing attempt, a strategic approach must be taken to ensure success. Planning a strategic marketing approach, however, is usually much easier said than done. In this blog, we’ll discuss four critical steps every business should use when planning a signage campaign.

Find your Message

What is the reason your business has decided to launch a signage campaign in the first place? Whether it’s to advertise a new product, shout about reduced prices, or simply earn your business name a little more attention, developing a strong “why” is the first step to a well-organized and executed campaign. To do this, discuss the business’s key priorities with key decision makers and determine what the goal of your sign will be, the attitude and tone it will be presented in, and what kind of content you want to place on the sign itself.

Color Scheme

Colors have gotten a lot of attention from the marketing world recently, and with good reason. Surprisingly, 93% of consumers rely on the visual appearance of a product or advertisement when deciding whether or not their interested in purchasing. As such, being aware of which colors trigger which moods is a must for communicating the right message. Do color research on the color wheel, and consider referring to how other businesses have used those colors in the past to trigger certain customer responses.

Prioritize Your Content Flow

Although signage is usually dominated by one type of graphic or another, most signs use brief segments of content to drive the point of their advertisement home and communicate their business name and other ad-specific information to the viewer. Before sending your sign design to the printer, consider laying out a few different ways the sign could read to find the best content flow possible. Ensuring your sign isn’t over crowded with content and that its message is easily understood is essential for campaign success.

Location & Visibility

What use is a sign if your target demographic is unable to see it? Picking the right location for your vinyl banner, sidewalk sign, or window decal is just as important as picking relevant graphics and content. Do market research to determine where your competitors are, what location (whether it be your storefront, at a community event, or other locations) is best for the sign to hang, and how long it should remain in that position.

Signage can be an unbelievably rewarding investment when the proper planning and research is conducted. For the best sign campaign results, get together with your team of decision makers to come up with the best sign strategy.