4 Awesome Places to Install your Window Graphics

Window graphics are a tried-and-true method of advertising a local business. Because of their affordability, ease of installation, and high ROI, window graphics have become one of the most popular types of print advertising mediums. Often priced between $12 and $50, they are a reasonably priced investment for even the smallest businesses to consider. Once purchased, however, many companies struggle with finding creative locations to place their window graphics; to help your company brainstorm, here’s a few awesome places for your new graphics to be displayed.
Front Door
Displaying company information such as your store hours, specials, and contact information is a basic principle of good business. Companies who have the benefit of a glass door as their main point of entry are able to use a window graphic to display this information, whether on a single graphic, or with multiple smaller-scale stickers. Front Windows
For businesses who have large windows surrounding their perimeter, using window graphics to fill the empty space with an attractive window display is a great option for boosting sales with an affordable, easy to install signage campaign. Consider using high-definition images of your business’s most attractive products or services for these larger graphics; if your product is competitively priced compared to your competitors, advertise the cost for your product in the same image.
Interior Glass and Mirrors
Some retail stores and wholesale retailers have large interior spaces that are filled with glass dividers or vanity mirrors. While these spaces can seem to suck productivity and value from the workspace if ignored, they can in fact bring personality and profit to the business when decorated with fitting, high-quality window graphics. Consider using interior window graphics to direct your shoppers throughout the store, whether it helps to direct them to the register, sales rack, or otherwise. In doing so, you will create a better visual experience for your shoppers while advertising your products and services in a classy manner. Glossy Floors
Stores with an excess of bland, empty floor space could consider transforming standard window graphics into floor graphics. By incorporating visual graphics or content onto your flooring, clients are met with a unique brand image that they can easily see and relate with. For floor graphics, consider using extra-large images and fonts to ensure your graphic works with the large amount of space it is being placed on.
Overall, window graphics can be an extremely effective marketing medium when used not only strategically, but also creatively. Consider using window graphics in different parts of the interior and exterior parts of your store front for the best overall result. Before making your purchase, be sure to measure the area you will be placing your new graphic, and determine which graphic size is best for the area by reviewing the different available graphic sizes listed here.