3 Ways to Use Advertising Banners for the Holidays

As winter rapidly approaches, the holiday sales associated with this time of year becomes increasingly prevalent for retail stores across the entire nation. Once again, the question of how to advertise to the masses of holiday shoppers continues to be a primary subject of deliberation for small business owners and advertising agents alike. Despite the many holiday advertising options available, vinyl and mesh banners are still an enormously popular way to bring attention to a storefront and entice holiday shoppers. If you are in need of some fresh ways to advertise for the 2015 winter season, take a look at these three ways to use banners for holiday advertising.


Consider Holiday Specific Signage

During the holidays, shoppers seek out the best seasonal deals on gifts for their loved ones. Unless your store intends to re-use a generic banner that simply states something along the lines of “clearance sale,” it may be wise to consider having holiday-specific banners printed for the upcoming winter season. A holiday banner should consist of holiday colors (for winter, think greens, reds, whites, and golds); some businesses choose to include holiday puns to engage customers humorously, while others prefer to use to the point messages to entice their traffic. Seasonal banners not only put potential shoppers into the “holiday shopping” mood, they also suggest that whatever items are on sale or featured are offered only exclusively during the holidays.

Use a Combination of Indoor and Outdoor Banners

Using a combination of indoor and outdoor banners can be an excellent choice for the holiday season. Outdoor banners use a combination of large font and dramatic presence to attract the attention of passing foot and vehicle traffic; areas prone to winter storms and wind during the winter should consider mesh banners for outdoor use as opposed to vinyl. On the other hand, indoor vinyl banners are an excellent way to direct customers to featured items, clearance sales, seasonal gifts, and more once they’ve entered the store. Using banners not only increases the seasonal festivity of shopping but also the ease of browsing through the store, as customers are not forced to ask a sales representative to help them find what they are looking for.

Use Time-Specific Wording

The holidays (and the deals associated with them) won’t be here forever; reminding your customers that the time to take advantage of holiday deals and featured items is running out can be a great way to convert sales. Phrases such as “hurry now,” or “holiday clearance sale” are great examples of content that emphasizes the time sensitive nature of holiday shopping.
Both mesh and vinyl banners are a great way to facilitate winter sales. Because they can be used for both indoor and outdoor use, the possibilities they offer are endless. When designing your banner, be sure to use seasonally-specific colors and images (such as reds and greens, snowflakes and Christmas trees) and placement that will capture the attention of your potential customers.