3 Types of Signs that Are Perfect for Spring Shoppers

Spring has officially sprung – according to our calendars, at least. The weather may have been a little strange in many areas, but spring is definitely going to take hold. With the approaching warm weather, more people are out and about shopping every day. From a shopper’s perspective, one of the most frustrating parts of window shopping outside is not being able to tell what each store has to offer. Often, some shops have nothing but a name, while others don’t even offer that much. Sidewalk signage can really draw in customers by giving them an at-a-glance description of what you are selling, whether it be coffee, clothing, or pottery. There are currently a few different types of effective sidewalk signs, however we believe the A-frame signs are easiest for businesses to set up, and quickest for customers to read. Some of the different A-frame sidewalk signs we carry include chalkboard, whiteboard, and printed insert styles. Of course, each has their benefits and slight drawbacks; to make it easy for you to decide which one is best, we’ve outlined the pros and cons of each below.

A-Frame Chalkboard Signs

Chalkboard signs are a very creative type of sign, and can be easily changed and decorated to suit your brand’s personality; of course, chalk is also inexpensive, and it can be easily stored. These signs are perfect for businesses who have changing products or services (like restaurants with different specials), as they can be adjusted as many times as needed without the help of a professional artists. Unfortunately, chalkboards can get dirty often and leave a mess of dust on the board when changes are made, so cleaning often is a must if you want to keep a nice look to your sign. Keep in mind that chalkboard signs are also vulnerable to the weather, can the writing can be affected by heavy rain or snow if it isn’t placed under an awning. Overall, we recommend chalkboard signs to businesses with changing services (like delis and restaurants) in warm climates, who want to add a small-town feel to their business. If you need more information, keep reading about our chalkboard signs.

A-Frame Whiteboard Signs

Like chalkboard signs, whiteboard signs are versatile and easily changed. Because dry erase markers come in a wide variety of colors that write cleanly, these signs are great for high visibility. Some of the benefits of these signs include the fact that they are easily cleaned with a cloth, and do not leave dust or residue like chalkboard signs can. On the downside, the easily erasable markers used to create designs on your sign means that the slightest bump or brush against the board can remove sections of your sign design; to avoid this, we recommend businesses place their signage in a visible, but hard to reach location. Because these signs are easy to use, are quickly adjusted, and are perfect for year-round use, this sign style would help stores with seasonally rotating items, like markets or craft shops. If this sounds like the type of sign you need for your business, take a look at our available whiteboard signs.

A-Frame Printed Insert Signs

Printed insert signs are an excellent option for stores who are anticipating large sales or product launches. Printed designs can be more intricate than hand-written ones, and often allow colors to be brighter. With this sign, pre-planned and intricate designs can be used to capture attention from passing shoppers for sales or events. Unlike other types of sidewalk signs, they can be laminated and protected from weather, and cannot be erased by brushing up against it. Unfortunately, because the inserts for these signs must be printed, the designs used for each face will be semi-permanent, and should only be changed after having a new insert printed to replace the existing one. Because of this sign’s semi-adjustable nature, it works best for large department stores, retail stores, and other companies that can comfortably use one or two inserts year round. For pricing and ordering information, take a look at our printed insert signs.   No matter the type of sign is best for your business model, bringing attention to your company this spring is crucial for sales. Start boosting your spring sales this year with one of the three sidewalk signs we’ve listed in this blog. In the meantime, happy spring!