3 Popular Car Sign Lightbulbs Every Business Should Consider

Car signs are incredible advertising mediums. Their versatility allows them to be used during all hours of the day or night; a feature that has made them an advertising method of choice for mobile businesses such as taxi and food delivery businesses. The appropriate duration of time to keep a car sign illuminated is a decision unique to every company. Some companies operating primarily during the day may not need car sign lighting immediately, however business that use their car top sign after daylight hours should absolutely prioritize investing in a light source for their signage.

Today, there are three types of car sign light bulbs that are commonly used; incandescent and LED bulbs are the most popular models; however halogen bulbs are occasionally used for personal preference. For more information about picking a light bulb for car signs, take a look at the benefits of each bulb type below.

Incandescent Bulbs: Considered the original light bulb design, incandescent bulbs operate using a thin filament to carry energized particles that ultimately create light. As the “old bulb on the block”, incandescent bulbs are usually the most economical light bulb on the market due to the fact that their aged technology is listed for a short lifespan of only 2,400 hours. This said, if your business is only using illuminated signs during nighttime business hours, an incandescent bulb may be appropriate. Take a look at one of our internal light wires, retrofit internal light wire, or replacement incandescent bulbs for a better understanding of the specifications for incandescent car sign bulbs.

Halogen Bulbs: Due to their aesthetic similarities, halogen bulbs are often mistaken for incandescent bulbs. Although these light sources give off an extremely bright light, they are used less often than incandescent bulbs due to their ultra-short life span. Furthermore, halogen bulbs tend to burn much hotter than any other light bulb, making them painful to touch during use. Due to their energy inefficiency, halogen bulbs are frequently used for car sign lighting. Businesses that do choose to use halogen bulbs should note that while many of halogen bases are compatible with incandescent sockets, the amount of watts on both the bulb and the light wire should match.

LED Bulbs: Arguably the most revolutionary lighting technology on the market, LED light bulbs use "light emitting diodes" to create light using exceptionally small amounts of energy. Unlike halogen bulbs, the advanced technology they use does not affect the bulb’s longevity. As such, LED bulbs are considered some of the most long lasting, maintenance-free types of car sign lighting available. LED bulbs have the potential to last up to 50,000 hours (roughly 6 years), making them the perfect lighting choice for businesses that run car sign lights both day and night. LED car sign bulbs can be purchased in rechargeable units, or as individual replacement bulbs.

When deciding which car sign light is right for your company, be sure to consider the amount of time the light must run, the value of investing in rechargeable batteries, and how often the bulbs will have to be replaced before making a purchase.