3 Must-Know Tips for Hanging the Perfect Vinyl Banner

The world of marketing has recently been revolutionized by a number of digital marketing mediums. As such, many new marketers tend to focus strictly on digital marketing campaigns, allowing the benefits of traditional signage to pass them by. Despite the popularity of online marketing, businesses still rely on print marketing (such as vinyl banners , window graphics, and window signs ) to increase the visibility of a company’s brand, products, services, and primary location. For a number of reasons, hanging vinyl banners are one of the most popular types of print signage used today. Of course, the success of your sign campaign is entirely dependent on proper installation. To ensure your vinyl successfully markets to the public and boosts your brand reputation, hanging each straight, wrinkle-free, and in the right location are all essential steps to sign success. Let’s take a more in-depth look at these three key tips for hanging a vinyl banner.

Hang it Straight
The aesthetic appearance of any company signage has a direct effect on the business’s overall brand reputation. Because vinyl banners are rather large, it can be difficult to make both sides of the banner even with one another, resulting in a crooked appearance. To prevent this from happening, consider having a spotter as the rest of your team hangs the vinyl to confirm it actually hangs straight once all rivets have been tied down.

Wrinkle-Free Signage
Poorly installed signs make a business look bad, period. On the other hand, a wrinkle free, well-hung banner can improve brand reputation while getting your point across effectively. When any type of vinyl banner is hung too loosely, wrinkles and folds may appear. Furthermore, a banner sporting a large number of wrinkles can worsen over time, going from unsightly to completely unreadable in only a matter of days. To prevent your vinyl banners from wrinkling in the first place, secure them tightly to an unmovable surface, such as fence posts or buildings. Finally, keep in mind that natural elements alone (such as heavy rain, snow, or wind) can cause vinyl banner signage to wrinkle. As such, checking in on your banners after any severe weather systems pass through your area is highly recommended.

Location, Location
A blog about hanging banners properly wouldn’t be complete without touching on the importance of finding a successful location to hang it. As with any type of marketing effort, knowing where to market your brand is just as important as deciding to invest in marketing in the first place.

To determine the best location for your banner, consider the following:


  • High Visibility: No matter what kind of campaign your signage is advertising, ensuring the entire banner is visible from a minimum of 50 feet is essential for success. After all, no one wants to come back and move the banner after realizing potential customers can walk right underneath it without taking in any of it.
  • Target Demographic: No sign is hung properly unless it’s placed in a location that is relevant to the target demographic it was intended for. Do yourself a favor and conduct plenty of market research about the area before putting up your banner.
  • Double-Check: Regardless of how good your banner looks up-front, make sure the text and graphics on the banner are visible from a distance, that the rivets are tied securely, and that the banner is visible from the distance needed. Taking that extra second to double-check your team’s work before calling it a day can save lots of time and money in the long run.