3 Low Budget Ways to Market Your Small Business with Signage

Most start-up companies and small businesses have a limited marketing budget and a huge need for an effective marketing strategy. Using signage at your business front or throughout your local region is a great way to advertise your product or service in a budget friendly way, simply because a signage purchase is a one-time investment with large return potential. In this week’s blog post, we’ve compiled three low-budget signage ideas that are perfect for limited marketing budgets. Keep reading to lean how!

Car Door Magnets

Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or an established team of individuals, car magnets are an easy way to spread the word about your business while you conduct normal daily business. Having a “company vehicle” adds value to the services you offer, and can increase your good standing within the community. Car door magnets are significantly more cost effective than covering your entire vehicle in an expensive vinyl decal, and can easily be transferred from one car to another when it comes time to upgrade. Some businesses who work to develop a loyal customer following make a point to pass out these magnets to their clientele, in hopes they will place them on their cars or refrigerators, subsequently boosting their brand presence.

Sidewalk Signs

Is your business strategically placed in a high traffic location, but your storefront can’t seem to entice passerby to step in and take a look? Adding sidewalk signs to your immediate store front capture the attention of passing individuals both on paved walkways and the nearby street. They’re a great way to boldly advertise your menu, detailed services, or special deals in high traffic places. Printed sidewalk signs are best for advertising your contact information, hours, and constantly running specials, while chalkboard signs are more suited for regularly changing deals and promotions.

Window Graphics

Store front window graphics make a huge impact on the professional appearance of your company’s location. They fill empty space in your windows while greeting passing customers at eye-level with your latest specials and pricing. Because window graphics display your company’s features boldly to the public, they increase the trustworthiness of your company by adding transparency to the way you do business. Finally, using window graphics to display your company logo and tagline right on your storefront strengthens the power of your brand.

Essentially, signs are one-time purchases that can be used for years, making them one of the most low-risk ways to market your business’s services. Car magnets are the most effective sign choice for businesses that represent themselves while commuting across town, while making a service call or delivery throughout the day. On the other hand, sidewalk signs and window graphics are most effective for store fronts that need to present their services to passing foot or car traffic. Whatever type of signage is most fit for your business, adding your logo, services, or brand personality to any of these economical signs has the power to connect with customers and increase sales potential.